Celine Dion

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  • Mulan
    critisized for everything from the length of your hair length, to the way that you look while you stand.

    I didn't mean to make that sound like I was criticizing her regular stance. While she sings, she puts her legs wayyyyyy far apart and beats on her chest, and it just looks odd. I would think someone would tell her how it looks..................and they should put clothes on her that don't emphasize her thinness. She is naturally thin, she says, and her whole family are thin like that, but it isn't attractive. So, they should avoid leather and spandex clothes.

    By the way, in today's newspaper, the review interviewed many of the celebs at her premier showing, who said the special humidity and temperature inside the room, made them fight to stay awake, and they didn't like it. They thought the show was wonderful. They all love her.

  • Phil

    After reviewing the comments on this board, all I can say is "Pass the milk".

    Some of the comments are very juvenile and childish. This tends to lower the quality of the board as a whole.

    My comment on Celine? I think she is a talented person with the greatest voice in the pop field at this time. I have seen some of the interviews and she appears to be a very loving person and is happily married. I don't know her and I have never seen her perform live. As far as paying $200 to see her show is concerned, there is not a performer alive today that I would spend that kind of money. I would not pay that kind of money to see Jesus Christ.

    As far as her appearance is concerned, I wonder what kind of people would make such comments and one would wonder what they look like (inside and out).

  • xenawarrior
  • patricia

    Touch é!

  • riz

    hiya Phil

    i don't really give a rip what she looks like- it's her music that i don't like. i don't care if she's pretty or ugly, fat or skinny, or what have you.

    i disagree that sharing a few laughs with your friends at the expense of some pop star "tends to lower the quality of the board as a whole" as you put it.

    please excuse us for adding levity to a very serious subject. just what is it ok to laugh about these days, anyway?

  • Kaethra

    "They saw a man who had the means to make her a big image in the music industry. They said: "go ahead and take him", his wife will understand. Thus she did so. Then, they said: "better get a baby to seal the deal". Thus she did so." (Sentinel's comments)

    Oh good gawwwwd! Do you have any proof to back up these ridiculous assertions? I'm sure that after more than ten years of marriage and all of the ordeals of getting pregnant by in-vitro, Celine was really trying to "trap" her man as per her family's counsel. Puh-lease!

  • Mulan
    As far as her appearance is concerned, I wonder what kind of people would make such comments and one would wonder what they look like (inside and out).

    Huh?????????? The post is about what we think of Celine Dion. Aren't we supposed to answer the question?

    Okay.............here is what I am like inside and out: chubby, kind of plain looking, can't sing, heart of gold, happily married, 4 kids, 7 grandkids.

  • Solace

    Celine Dion

    Celine Dion and Faith Hill

    Both are quite thin, but look about the same dress size.

    Celine does have very strong facial features, it looks like she tries to soften them with makeup and I will agree that she is quite thin, but I cant help but admire the fact that she hasnt resorted to plastic surgery like so many entertainers have these days. Im sure she could look any way she wants and could afford the best surgen in the world, but she chooses to be herself.

    That says alot about a person.

    (edited for pics)

  • Mulan
    she hasnt resorted to plastic surgery

    Singers have to be VERY careful about facial surgery. It could alter their voices permanently. celine's nose is nice though..............can't imagine what surgery she would have anyway.

    Connie Francis (popular singer in the 60's) had a nose job, and her voice was never the same. She could no longer reach the high notes. (I heard her say that on Biography).

    Barbra Streisand has also said that is why she has never had her nose done, or any other plastic surgery. Cher has had tons of surgeries and it seems to improve her voice. Who can figure?

  • Solace


    Thats true and Barbra Striesand is an excellent example.

    She has an amazing voice, but she admitted she doesnt care to perform on stage because of the pressure to look a certain way. Its very sad because she has such an incredible voice.

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