Mass disassociation pact...

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  • Tenacious

    In order for this to work and hurt the WTS it would have to be an exodus (no pun intended) from all states, all countries, etc.

    This to include elders, ms, publishers, overseers (if any), etc.

  • freemindfade

    I feel December 10th is the best day, i think we need to settle on a date and move along with the next pieces.

    The human rights issue I think is at the root of what makes this organization 'evil'. Yes there are many things they do wrong, and are wrong about etc. But the crux of it is the fact it is a captive religion. Their policies of shunning/disfellowshipping/apostasy etc I feel violate Article 12 and 18 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    I will also write this into the mission, that this action we take is to bring attention that an american based organization systematically violates human rights, while being protected under the very Declaration they disregard. The mass DA needs to reach the HQ, the local level and the media to bring this cause to a head. Its not a doctrine issue, or a difference of opinion that has brought us to this point, it is the captive and abusive nature of this group that hides behind standards it itself cannot keep.

    Cappy... what date should we set for the site to be complete? And what else do we need to get it going?

  • freemindfade
    Another thought for today, in the way we are doing this, if we can show how many are anonymously expressing their desire to leave, if that number is much higher than those that actually DA, that should send a powerful message out that this religion is not playing nice...
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Hey how about a flood of letters in the official blue envelope that is an exact copy of WT corps.
  • TheWonderofYou

    Don let us hunt to death with dates. We have time. Its only a begin and it wil never end.
    The Human rights are always valid and can be always addressed.
    Better write and make a well checked, sound and legally on the point campain within the society and in the public than agitating and making errors.

    You should at the same time show respect of the R&F members who are in the religion and belief everything.
    The Human rights protect the members of the religion! We should not violate or destroy the reputation of the religion, think of the innocent children in the schools, how they could suffer, we were ourselves in the religion, dont forget, we should bring it to change itself

    It will be a tightrope walk! How long have we thought of a campaing like this and perhaps we will win.
    I am sure we will win, with diplomacy and protest and respect.

    proposal text for leaflet:

    A compaign with various initatives

    "Speak the Truth", "Armageddon", "Mass class DA." are names of our campaing, We all speak the truth.
    Various actions on many days

    9/1 Next service year – We are not longer......
    8/8 disassociate - Symbolic and real DA ..... "Armageddon"
    12/10 Human rights Day "Stop the Silence - Speak The Truth"

    Some of us will actually DA themselves and send personal letters to their congregations, other prefer to make anonymous statement using pseudonyms. Others will send leaflets to the congregations and headquarters and contact the public society. Why?


  • freemindfade

    Brokeback: Interesting thought, but I think we need it to stay true to an individual nature, the more variety the better. personal touch, they should be indistinguishable from other 'snail' mail communications.

    TheWonderofYou: Lets do it.

    December 10th. Human rights day. This will carry the most media potential as well I believe.


    December 10th 2015

  • cappytan
    December 10th it is!
  • Searril

    This is a really bad idea. The best way to work against the machinations of the Watchtower is to always have agents of truth within.

    Remember, the Watchtower and its clergymen are the real enemies of truth and freedom, so you need to think like them if you want to defeat them. An exodus of people who aren't supporting them monetarily or vocally will help them far more than hurt them.

  • pronomono
    If the campaign goes well this year, it should become an annual Human Rights campaign that continues on until the Watchtower reforms all policies that violate basic human rights. So we'll be doing this for a long time, close to forever, but hopefully it would continue to make some sort of impact. We just have to represent ourselves well, so as to not come across as mentally-diseased.
  • freemindfade
    Pronomono I agree, 12/10 can become a date that means something to exjws.

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