1,2,3,4 We Don't Want This Bloody War

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  • Sadie5

    I just took a wait and see attitude when this whole thing started to come about. Now I can say I am so proud of our men and women serving in the military, and I am glad for the stand the leaders of our country took.

    The Iraqi people are welcoming the soldiers, and are happy to see the end of Saddam's control. For whatever reason, we started to go there, the liberation of the Iraqi people is the end result, and that is something to feel good about.


  • Scarlet

    The beauty of this Country is freedom of speech. But you would think we as fellow Americans would join together and support our troops and our president at this time. This goes to show you how callous as a nation we have become to let something as important as this divide our nation. This is what truly makes me sad


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell


    Here's another site for you: www.stopwar.ca


  • outnfree
    And, I bet that the first time that our new allies, the liberated Iraqis, protest what we do as a nation, we will turn on them for using the very freedoms we gave them.

    There's the point of this whole exercise. Saddam Hussein is evil. His regime must go. By your own admission (war having started already making "No Iraq War" posters sort of pointless, IMO), the Iraqis will be "liberated" by the coalition forces and able to use "the very freedoms we gave them."

    (Sorta like the French. ;) Sorta like us, whom the French aided during the American Revolution. -- Being a francophile, I know that "french" fries are actually Belgian therefore no crisis of conscience when I hit McD's ... not literally hit it... but I digress...)

    I have no doubt that the Iraqi people are capable of governing themselves in a way they see fit, financed with the oil riches they possess, once given the chance. Michigan has a large Arab-American population, and many Iraqi ex-patriates are vocal in their concern for their relatives, but also in their resolve that Saddam must go and that the Iraqis could never have ousted him alone. They cannot understand why the French and the Germans think that maintaining the status quo is a good thing, when they know the repression and terror that everyday citizens face in Iraq.

    I think the Iraqi people have suffered far too long from Saddam's tyranny. I think the Baa'th Party largely criminal. I wish that the United States could effectively attend to every evil dictator, every practicer of genocide, every human rights-violating government, but it can't. However, it can depose the Iraqi regime which deserves to be deposed on the basis of its human rights violations alone, but which is also said to be a threat to our nation's security. As Farkel pointed out, the "non-existent Scuds" were fired in the opening hours of the war. This makes me surmise that there may be, just MAY be, "non-existent weapons of mass destruction" still lying about. And I'll be very interested to see if that alleged training camp for terrorists is a reality, too. The question is: even with an unprecedented number of journalists allowed unprecedented access to troop operations, will their published accounts be believed if the attitude of many in the States and around the globe is that what's in the papers is 90% propaganda, 9.9% fact? (Were those the figures? I can't read back far enough to tell...)

    outnfree (who SINCERELY wishes Saddam had disarmed willingly and gone into exile)

  • rem

    When it comes down to it, war protesters are really engaging in emotional masturbation. It really accomplishes nothing but make themselves feel self-righteous and gives them an emotional high. I think it's cool, though. That's the great thing about America and other free nations - we have freedom of expression. Soon Iraq will have that very same freedom that we enjoy.


  • reporter

    So what happens when you become emotionally impotent?

    BTW, what you said sounds like something right out of a Rush Limbaugh show. Rush, once again, thinks he's defining what American people should think...

  • xenawarrior

    It really accomplishes nothing but make themselves feel self-righteous and gives them an emotional high.

    Yep, I agree-it accomplishes nothing close to what they might wish. Noone has ever stopped a war by protesting it at home while it's already going on.

    It does accomplish something though. It costs alot of money !!!! The police and riot squads presence necessary at these "rallies" isn't free. Someone has to pay for it. And not all of these rallies are "peaceful" causing more destruction.

    Someone was telling me that yesterday folks were running out onto Lake Shore Drive in Chicago stopping traffic !! Actually running out in front of moving vehicles. Ludicrous! What could that possibly accomplish except to put their life in danger as well as the lives of innocent drivers who are simply trying to get to their destination.

    The war is already going on-done deal. Deal with it !! We need to be supporting the troops who are over there.

    XW of the "also wish Saddam would have done what he should to avoid this" class

  • rem
    BTW, what you said sounds like something right out of a Rush Limbaugh show. Rush, once again, thinks he's defining what American people should think...

    First, I do sometimes listen to Rush Limbaugh for a good laugh. I think he's an idiot, just like all the other right-wing radio talkshow hosts.

    Second, I never defined how anyone should think.


  • LyinEyes

    I agree XW.

    If my son or husband were in this war, I would not want to see the lack of support for the troops over there. I wonder if the soliders over their sacrificing their lives for us, for this country we live in, no matter how wrong the government might be in some cases,,,,,, I wonder if they see the lack of support at home. I wouldnt want anything to bring the morale down,I want them to know how much we want them to be safe and come home.

    This happened with the Vietnam war, so many soliders came home and were instead of a warm welcome home, many just got a slap in the face so to speak.

    I think peace on earth would be a wonderful dream, but it hasnt happened yet, and I don't think it ever will. I think war is something that will always go on, and there comes a time when you have to take a stand on the side you agree with the most. I for one will not be protesting the war, but this is American ,those who choose to at least have that freedom. Freedom that they got from others fighting for that freedom.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Tell me who is being self righteous here? So far no one has answered my questions as to if George Bush talks directly to God or does he leave that up to Pat Robertson?


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