So What Drastic Money Change is Next?

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  • Vidiot
    slimboyfat - "...have they budgeted to afford the increasing cost of legal fees and settlements in abuse cases?"


    What else do you think the real estate sales are for???

  • _Morpheus

    It was more than a bethel heavy. It was dan sydlik

  • Vidiot
    millie210 - "I think they will start a university. Use the "wicked" world approach and the need to educate young people in a proper manner... Their version of a Brigham Young Uni... Then they can get parents to pay, kids to get 4 jobs and work their way through and most importantly, if they are accredited they can dip in to scholarships, grants and loan programs from the government and multiple private agencies."

    You're... joking, right?

    'Cause there's no freaking way this'd ever happen.

  • Vidiot

    Hey guys, know what would be really ironic?

    If they ended up having to sell off all their Mexican property holdings...

    ...especially after all the semantic (and unethical) hoops they jumped through back in the day just to keep 'em...

  • nowwhat?



  • slimboyfat
    What else do you think the real estate sales are for???

    To cover running costs, which was hinted in Lett’s broadcast in 2015 (“the sale of a property only covers costs for a few months”) and confirmed by these comments made for an internal audience.

  • EverApostate

    May be they would come up with a plan like "If you give more, you will become one among the anointed and rule with Jesus". Amen

  • blownaway

    If its so damn close they need to sell it all off and wait in a field.

  • Dagney

    It's a corporation and it will do whatever it takes to remain in operation. Getting rid of halls that don't make sense to keep in operation is smart from a company standpoint. The move to video for areas that have low/small attendance and even less elder support is a solution, and a good plan.

    Close by is an area that is growing and they are adding halls because many are moving in due to the low cost of housing and a vibrant retiree population.

    I sort of see a possibility of changing the big conventions scheme. But if it brings in a lot of money, I don't see why. They have streamlined the programs with the videos etc., which is a smart move.

    They have really good advisors back there. I don't think could have anticipated the impact of the shunning and pedophilia cases and related media. We live in interesting times.

  • OnTheWayOut
    I think having a monthly Assembly. Each Assembly probably averages $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 a pop. There's no way it costs that much to run a one day Assembly.
    If the average congregation has 100 publishers and the WTBS charges $10.00 a head, that's $12,000.00 per congregation per year.

    We have some real thinkers here. I could imagine the cry that "in many places" the Kingdom Halls are targets of Satan, so they go to internet viewings and assemble once a month or so at Assembly Halls. That allows for still atrongky suggesting a donation minimum and so many members would be happier to only gather that one day as a trade off.

    I'm going to predict that happens within 20 years.

    This thread kept going because so many wonder whats next.

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