So What Drastic Money Change is Next?

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  • Finkelstein

    I agree with the assumption that the WTS will just adjust its real estate holdings to survive.

    There doesn't seem to be lack of money in my neck of the woods, Vancouver BC .

    You can be sure though that the top leaders ie. GB members will keep the money close at hand for their own long term sustenance.

  • lastmanstanding

    I have said it all along. There is a big hole in the bucket. Bigger than the one we all know about.

    There is a third party involved, and they are pulling the strings. It is they who are responsible for placing 8 complete idiots in the position of authority. They are puppets.

    Somebody who has the real power is dissolving the organization.

    If the org needed the billion$ that it is reaping today to survive, then they would never have lasted this long in the first place.

    Dark hand.


    don't know about tithing , on one hand they said they don't prod for donations according to chaz russel himself of which we no sooner went over it that they started prodding , suddenly it's all unrighteous riches to be given over , think it's more for the legal problems than humanitarian aid myself , ancient Israel believed they only gave back to GOD what belonged to him to begin with .... prepping the mind to not moan about handing over your money , I refuse to give them anything as they can't be trusted in my dealings with them . Don't have much anyway . Until I see this second genner I know give up his half million dollar home which I feel the command to give up everything is right there in the bible and they know it , then why bother me about stuff ? Instead he tried to con me out of money at a garage sale , couldn't live without a blender and that was the last time I seen him at that point they had made it impossible for me to associate with them . hypocrites , liars . I had them hitting me up for money all the time just after I did the dunk , one wanted to go to africa for a funeral , after she already told me she was going to the international convention in italy .. give me a break . They all have more than me ,seemed like. Since they went donations they can't ask for specific amounts at the doors but they sure can ask members for whatever they want . I think they still believe at some point the door to noahs ark will be locked whenever the preaching work is completed to GODs satisfaction . it was the fastest growing religion , I think , for awhile . The real estate where I'm at has quadrupled in value so don't know they can afford building any more unless people donate their property . Jesus was outdoors preaching all the time so don't know the buildings are important , as long as theres a gathering of 2 or 3 in jesus name he said he would be there in spirit .

  • Finkelstein

    Let it be clearly understood that the WTS is not openly honest about its financial state, they twist false and factual statements like their own core doctrines.

    and immorally ask children to contribute money

  • slimboyfat

    What might they do next?

    stop printing Bibles

    stop printing anything at all

    close more branches

    cancel or sell new branch in Britain

    stop all allowances for circuit overseers, special pioneers and missionaries

    send even more people home from bethel

    reduce quality and quantity of online output

    sell more Assembly halls and Kingdom Halls that are in valuable locations

    beg for more donations and stress including WT in your will

    sell Walkhill and Patterson and concentrate on Warwick

    fundraising: approach wealthy JWs for one off donations in return for access to GB (suspect this already happens)

    gather old literature from KHs and sell it on eBay (I think they already do this)

    reduce international travel and vacations of GB

    (okay the last one was a wild card, I mostly tried to keep it realistic)

  • Lostandfound

    I expect to see a video of David Splane announcing Overlapping Donations. Say you donate on a particular day, say, pay day on the 28th of each month now as well as the 28th donation, you must overlap your month by donating on the 28th but also the same amount after 3 weeks ,.so as time goes on your donation day bankrupts you. You left with overlapping debt, Splane and the boys with all your money.

    Tithing, they dont needit, they got the flock by the throat. Nathan Knorr would turn in his grave at the modern day financial scams. After all, why did he not think of them yearsago.

  • RubaDub

    The "One Towel Rule" at assemblies will extend to toilet paper.

    Rub a Dub

  • joe134cd

    I could possibly think that may be one reason they are doing the big sell off with the idea that they may lose their charity status. I certainly can see some sort of subscription fee been charged to access the web site. Not to much different from charging for the Magerzines really. I think in another 50 years time the religion will be mainly on line, with assembly halls scattered about in main centres around the world, that the faithful attend when they can get to it.

  • Vidiot

    @ LostandFound...

    Isn't that called... "loan sharking"...?

    @ joe134cd...


    As I just said this morning in another thread, they'll stand to make a lot more money in real estate sales now than if they have to pay taxes on the sales later...

  • pepperheart

    On the leaked video from world headquaters they say they are going to sell 30,000 propertys around the world off

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