What Would A Jehovah's Witness Romance Novel Be Like?

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  • ApagaLaLuz

    Yep, kissing in the Kingdom Hall parking lot...... I feel a meeting in the back room coming up.

    Ahhhh yes, the good ol days when a little flash of skin above the knee, or a palm on the back was enough to cause a lump, or surprises in your panties. Oh to be the young innocent virgin JW again

    What the hell am I saying..... my apologies for the suddenly lapse in rationality

  • Country_Woman

    something like a fairy tail, and the two of them were happily living together (the three of them)

  • Spudinator

    No comment

  • minimus

    Maybe that "third cord" is that "lump in his pants".

  • TresHappy

    Lost in the realm of David’s world, Hilary passionately kissed David. All those feelings that had been stirring in her for weeks were true. Hilary had thought of many vignettes of if and when David would finally make his move. Perhaps at the back of a movie theater, at the front door of her parents’ house…. but certainly not in the parking lot of her congregation. Finally David released his lips and just gazed into Hilary’s eyes… “We’ve got to stop”, Hilary said, and she quickly gained her composure. “Someone may see us…” They both looked intently around the parking lot to see if any brother or sister gawker could be about. There were several automobiles in the parking lot, but the only two people in the parking lot were them. “David, we’ve gotten to know each other these past few weeks in service and I want to get to know better, but I can’t make out at the Kingdom Hall.” David smiled “Hilary, you think that’s how I am going to get to know you better?” She smiled and said, “Well, you could ask me out…” David then whispered, “how about dinner Friday night…my brother and his girlfriend can come to dinner and then we can break off from there…” Hilary thought, “Well that’s sort of a group date.” She hoped it would be OK with you know who…Daddy Elder

  • Nosferatu

    "Absolutely not!" Hilary's father yelled. "You must be accompanied by a mature brother or sister, not another immature couple who are just dating!". Hilary felt her heart fall. She knew that her father was correct. So much for breaking off and being alone with David.

    "Why don't you get Travis Lavy to accompany you and David? Travis is a very wise brother, and he's spiritually strong. He would be a very wise choice to chaperone the two of you." Hilary had talked to brother Lavy on occasion, but didn't know him very well. He gave very informative talks at the Kingdom Hall, and he was a regular pioneer. He hadn't married because he decided to spend his life preaching the good news in these last days.

    "Brother Lavy will keep the two of you in line. I'm going to call him and ask him". Hilary wasn't incredibly happy with her father making this decision for her, but he was head of the household, and this was in line with Jehovah's arrangement. After the arrangements were made with brother Lavy, Hilary made a phone call to David....

  • minimus

    Nosferatu's words are spurious and not part of Tres' story. Please ignore.....(unless Tres says differently).

  • TresHappy

    The story in my head is horribly methodical. I am trying to write this story in sync and trying to incorporate JWisms that we all put up with in the Watchtower. Like the pointing out which home to live in after Armagaddon during field service...I can't write this story any other way. But hey, I already have them at first base and making out in the parking lot at the KH...

    I'll try to write snippets once or twice a day...

  • TresHappy

    Faster than you could say, “He’s kissed me, should I go buy a Brides Magazine?”, David got in his car and sped out of the parking lot. Hilary picked up her book bag that had fallen to the ground in her moment of passion and got into her car. Her thoughts were again consumed by HIM. Since Hilary was really a novice at dating, she called her friend Annie, who by her own admission, had been on more dates than in the produce section. “Annie, he finally asked me out…can you believe it? I’ve been smiling and giggling at all the right moments, even when his jokes weren’t funny. We’ve been service dating for a few weeks now, and now he got the nerve to ask me out…” Annie replied “Well Miss Hil, I am definitely happy for you. A. Because it’s hard to find a fellow that cute anyway and B., perhaps now you can get out of your Saturday night dates with that Watchtower study.” “Now, where are you guys going?” Hilary didn’t have the details for her yet, but Annie seemed content with the “I don’t know” answer. “What are you going to wear…you know this it’d be the time to wear that push-up bra of yours…” Hilary then kind of wondered off into space again. She was thinking about when how to impress David. Obviously she impressed him enough to get him firmed up in that certain spot…”

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    Another fluff story!

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