OCT 2019 Watchtower - Survival dependant on loyalty to JW Leaders

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  • blondie

    smiddy3, assuming that some jws have upgraded to the new WTS doctrine. I know some that are still locked in old WTS doctrine on vaccinations, accepting blood fractions, 7,000 year long creative days, generation means 70 or 80 years if you have special mightiness, etc., and now that the GB and the other anointed will not live into Armageddon but some time shortly after the GT starts, all anointed will be heaven (how that happens without a natural death is up for grabs) for the symbolic marriage of Christ and the Bride of Christ (144,000 per WTS).

    I have seen older jws still clinging to old beliefs, not even knowing it changed; and elders lamenting that they have to deal with the blowback when such a jw ends up in the hospital facing a blood transfusion while that jw is yelling No Blood, No Blood. Then the elders have to explain why that jw does not know the current WTS policies, the same policies their HLC have discussed with medical staff at that hospital.

  • waton

    Now, with the new light baptism question, having the spirit direction removed from "Jehovah's Organisation", The spirit anointing of the leaders becomes less important.

    Jws dream of a freedom paradise. Jw leaders dream of eternal power.

    what a night mare.

  • Diogenesister

    They are probably preparing for the time there wont even be any " over lapping generation" left.

    New GB member Br. Cook is NOT part of " this generation" since he ( decided) he was anointed long after the last of the 1914 generation had passed away.

    Did you notice Jesus has ditched the wings and has a cape?

    He " caping" for the GB lol!!

  • Diogenesister
    Pale. Emporer Its stuff like this that make me think the GB know it's all bullshit. They're dishing out damage control already, knowing that their own predictions are failing and the GB wont live to see the big A.

    Exactly. These ideas are not taken from the Bible, they are damage control concepts. They know even the "over lappers" will be soon gone.

    I guess that will be one way to push 1914 into the background, when there's no longer any connection with any living witnesses.

    Did you notice all the 144000 have turned into middle aged white men?

    God must love Kenny Rogers s'all im sayin'😂😂

  • HappyDad

    We better hurry up and go back. It's da troof!

  • Brighton

    So, does this mean that if all of the current GB die, that is a sign of the Great Tribulation? How does that work exactly when they keep adding younger and younger men to the group and have generations that overlap all the way back to Adam??

  • Listener

    Brighton, I guess that's when they would say "we must wait on Jehovah" for the answers.

  • waton

    This was before my time in wt land, but was not in the 1930 a kind of crisis, when people for whatever reason stopped partaking, thinking that the No. 144k was getting crowded? and wt invented the "earthly class" to cope with that. actually re-invented, because "--millions would never die--" stay on the Earth, was pushed since 1918?

    So: Vox populi vox dei, wt is swaying with the punches.

    Making in the process a big, unscriptural move, mistake, assuming that partaking is a prerequisite for future immortality, when it is, as in the New Covenant, really for everlasting (restored) life.

    just commenting, not endorsing,

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Well I was promised that I'd be young again and be sittin' under me own feckin' fig tree, what the hell happened with that, so?

    sorry, too much Father Ted.

  • smiddy3

    Did you notice all the 144000 have turned into middle aged white men?

    So does this mean that the WT/JW religion does not recognise or accept women who claim to be and partake at the memorial celebration / observance as part of the anointed ,144,000 ?

    And is that why in there illustrations of the 144000 they are all shown as men with beards ? And not one woman present ?

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