OCT 2019 Watchtower - Survival dependant on loyalty to JW Leaders

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    This isn't new, it's just being repeated. It wasn't new when I was being raised by the Dubs sixty years ago and I'm sure the history of that doctrine has been discussed more than once on this forum.

  • smiddy3
    Sea Breeze

    You could also add Psalm 146 : 3 "do not put your trust in nobles Nor in the son of earthling man in whom no salvation belongs."

    Planning an exit strategy ? Maybe that`s why they are really selling up so much real estate .

    Actually , that`s really a pretty scary / frightening WT article , not for the general public but for the R&F active Jehovah`s Witnesses who swallow this crap.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Exit strategy? Sounds good.

    I am not clued up as far as business law goes, but I seem to remember that if a business goes bust, then new owners can take it over and not be liable for any legal proceedings, debts or guarantees for which the previous officers of the corporation were responsible.

    As my old grand-pappy used to say, "Where there's a pile of money, there's a pile of corrupt people."

  • smiddy3

    The more I think about this OP / WT article , the more I`m convinced that the GB are losing the plot .

    Surely ,an article like this in there main magazine supposedly giving out spiritual encouragement will raise red flags among many in the congregations ? And lead to an ever bigger exodus from the religion than we have ever seen in the past ?

    How can any sane thinking person not find serious fault with all that is written in that magazine..

    Whats interesting in this article is that they make it clear that they, the Governing Body are going to take part, from heaven, in the war of Armageddon.

    How presumptuous is that ?

    This means that the Governing Body will no longer
    be with us on earth. However, the great crowd will remain organized. Capable brothers from among the other sheep will take the lead.

    Are they for real ? Do they honestly think that the majority of JW`s will now truly buy that ?

    How gullible do they really think the average Jehovah`s Witness is ?

    Surely they are not that stupid .

  • Biahi

    Nowwhat and Snakes, you are spot on! It sounds like the GB is planning to disappear, no prison time for them! Find them on some tropical island lol.

  • keinlezard


    I just read the magazine ...

    I wonder if it is not a mean to test JW about another thing ?

    If this text will be a test on the reaction of the JW about the vanishing of GB ?

    And in fact, the text did not speak really about the great tribulation , but for the GB, the possibility

    of a new "light"

    We all know that GB has a great problem with anointed and the 144 000

    Some years ago all anointed was gathered in 1935 ... but with the death of these anointed

    GB change the doctrine ...

    now GB invented the "overlapping (elastic ? ) generation"

    But, they know , they can pursue this ...

    And when I read the ยง14 , I imagine that the GB is thinking about a change in the doctrine of 144 000

    "They are gathered" and the GB is the last anointed and after them , their will be a new type of management

    without the anointed GB

    Best Regards

  • tiki

    I seem to recall a time when the fds supposedly would still be on earth...at least some...at the time of the great trib and then early in New world days be swooped up away.... Looking at it all objectively...all a bunch of hooey. And the meeting clothed peeps about to be saved...so...armageddon occurs during meeting time. So you better not be home watching tv.....oh it is all so ridiculous not worth talking about.

  • blondie

    You are right, tiki. They did teach that and quietly changed it. Only jws who were adults then might remember (or ex-jws).

    I also asked if that were true, that some of the FDS would still be living on earth after the Big A, when did the marriage of Jesus and the Bride of Christ (144,000 in heaven) take place if some of the 144,000 were still on earth? The WTS finally come out in the last 10 years with some info that that marriage takes place shortly after the GT starts when all of the 144,000 will be in heaven. That means that unless the GT is a long way off that some of the young, newly selected GB members will have to die a less than natural death of old age.

  • sir82

    It must be exhausting to be a "true believer" and live in a constant state of frenzy and panicked expectation, anticipating the "great tribulation" to break out at literally any moment.

    Is it possible for an entire organization to have a collective nervous breakdown?

  • pixel

    This is an article to prepare the followers into what inevitable is going to happen:

    There are not many GB members that can claim that they belong to the second first overlap generation. I think someone said recently here that the new appointed (Or was it Sanders) is not even part of this first one.

    So, inevitably, they will run out of anointed to fill the spots to belong to the GB class. This article clear the linage to bring in non-anointed to be the leaders, (supposedly, not the GB, but in reality they will be).

    This article right here, is changing the structure of the organization. Soon, the leaders won't have to be annointed to be part of the GB at all. And the followers will swallow it just like that.

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