Watchtower crackdown on anointed expansion - are they reaching for a solution to the expanding numbers problem?

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    "Those called by Jehovah do not wonder whether they have been invited or not! They know!"

    OK G.B., I used to wonder if I was part of the F.D.S - now I know!! :)

    (just as one or two of your "helpers" will no doubt be realising.......sooooooooon!)

    Will you please get my apartment ready at the Warwick Country Club?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Remember, if you drink unworthily you drink to your death!

    Choose poorly?

  • Vidiot

    nicolau - "What changed about a decade ago to cause the upswing?"

    Conscious-classers deliberately partaking just to f**k with the statistics? :smirk:

  • eyeuse2badub

    At the upcoming Regional Convention this summer, the organization is releasing a new publication entitled: "Organized to Be of The Anointed". It will clearly show that the rapidly growing "new group" of "anointed" will soon reach 144,000 and will "overlap" with the "older group" of 144,000 anointed. There will 3 paragraphs that will "prove" that that is "evidently" what Jesus was referring to by "this generation". There will be 144 questions that the 'newly anointed' will be required to go over with the congregation elders in order to see if they "qualify" for the heavenly calling.

    just saying!


  • sowhatnow

    it seems that being 'anointed' and partaking of wine at the memorial is a unique Jw practice.

    am I wrong?

    Im wondering, what does being anointed, have to do with the memorial?

    who in scripture was 'anointed' and did they partake? where does it tell us everyone or select ones, partake?

    is being filled with holy spirit , meaning that a person was anointed?

    The WT totally misreads acts. there is no upper room with 120 getting tongues of fire, being 'anointed' lol

    there is 12 in a house, going to attend a festival for the Israelites. being given holy spirit. [which makes us wonder how holy spirit, can be spoken of as a HE.]

    at the last supper, only 12 partook, Jesus only spoke to them. Im not seeing what wine and bread have to do with anyone other than his direct apostles.

    I have always been so curious of what it is that makes a person think they are better than anyone else that they are convincing themselves that god is talking to them and making them partake.

    If its a simple case of , partake if you believe Jesus is your savior, then everyone should do it. and then, you'll have to be under the same law code he was,lol

  • Late Bloomer
    Late Bloomer
    The GB is sure trying to cover all their bases:
    • The anointed are anointed because they said so. We can't change this rule without calling our own anointing into question. But If you wonder if you are, you ain't. Most likely, you ain't.
    • If you ain't, don't be a hater to those who are. If you are, you're lying but unfortunately we can't prove it.
    • Don't ask these lying liars who lie how they knew. You only want to know so you can claim angel status too–admit it.
    • The remnant is going up, which pisses us off but there's nothing we can do so we'll blame it on the nutcases. Either way, ignore it–you aren't going to heaven anyway.
    • If you still think you're anointed, don't go around saying "neener, neener." It's not like you're part of the FDS (which is what really counts).

    Slightly O/T, but it's been ages since I've paid this much attention to the WT. I was struck by the simplicity of some of the questions. E.g.: "What questions will we consider in this article? What questions will we consider in the next article? What questions will be answered in this article?"

    The answers to these questions are literally more questions. I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt and say these are written in so kids have something easy to answer and can participate. And maybe they really were this basic when I was attending but my memory is foggy. I can't believe I used to stress out over studying this stuff.

  • Wild_Thing
    I was also wondering ... how does the Watchtower document how many of their members claim to be anointed? Are memorial partakers the only way they count this number? If there some secret form that congregations are asked to submit noting members that claim to be anointed?
  • Mephis
    Elders count partakers on memorial, including those they visit who aren't well enough to attend congo one. They're allowed to ignore anyone who does the crispy bread and wine thing who they don't think should be doing it.
  • Rattigan350
    Why does this matter to people? What good is it going to heaven as a spirit. They can't communicate with the ones on earth, they can't affect anything here. Maybe they are just exploring the rest of the universe.
  • OneEyedJoe
    I think they also do have something on the publisher card for tracking if publishers profess to be anointed. I don't know if I've seen it on a publisher card, but I know its been on many application forms for serving at bethel, etc.

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