Watchtower crackdown on anointed expansion - are they reaching for a solution to the expanding numbers problem?

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  • slimboyfat

    If this has been discussed I missed it.

    I think the January study Watchtower is a concerted attempt to reduce the numbers claiming to be anointed. But I love the sneaky way they go about it this time. In the past they've accused many partakers of being mentally unstable. But that didn't discourage them. They took away their "faithful and discreet slave" status, and yet the number stubbornly kept creeping upwards. This time their attempt to control is a bit more subtle.

    15 Perhaps you are wondering if you have received this wonderful invitation. If you think that you might have, ponder some important questions. Do you feel that you have more than average zeal in the ministry? Are you a keen student of God’s Word who loves to delve into “the deep things of God”? (1 Cor. 2:10) Have you seen Jehovah’s special blessing on your ministry? Do you have a burning de- sire to do Jehovah’s will? Do you have a deep inner feeling of responsibility to help others spiritually? Have you seen proof that Jehovah has personally inter- vened in your life? If you answer these questions with a resounding yes, does this mean that you now have the heaven- ly calling? No, it does not. Why not? Be- cause these are not unique feelings ex- perienced only by those who have the heavenly calling. Jehovah’s spirit works with equal force in those who have the hope of living forever on earth. In fact, if you are wondering whether you have re- ceived the heavenly calling, that would in itself indicate that you have not received it. Those called by Jehovah do not won- der whether they have been invited or not! They know!

    On the surface it looks like they are simply saying don't mistake "zeal" for being anointed. They said that before. But the specificity of their comments indicates more of an agenda. I reckon what they are really doing is setting a bar that people claiming to be anointed must now reach a minimum requirement. Do you do more than average ministry? Do you want to help others spiritually? (In other words are you an elder if you are male?) They say these things alone are not enough to prove you are anointed. Which seems suspiciously like saying these things are a minimum requirement before you even go any further.

    Now many people who claim to be anointed are eccentric, the GB know this very well. Many of them are erratic at meetings, on ministry and misfits of the type who are seldom appointed elders. So if the suggestion now is that to be anointed you need to be doing above average ministry and you should be an appointed spiritual shepherd if you are a male, it would disqualify a lot of people claiming to be anointed. The GB may hope this WT will discourage free spirits from claiming to be anointed while giving the green light to a few loyalists. If the rank and file don't get this message clearly enough, maybe they'll start instructing elders in congregations to vet people claiming to be anointed, reasoning that if they are not zealous on the ministry or not appointed men then they shouldn't be counted in the anointed headcount.

    They are saying: if you are company men with a record of loyalty and devotion to the organisation, on the ministry and appointment in the congregation, then okay you may consider being anointed if you really want to. But if you are a flake who comes and goes, a free spirit, or in any way suspect, you need not apply.

  • Crazyguy
    They have marginalized the anointed for years now putting the emphasis on the faithful and discreet slave which of course is only the seven goof balls in new York. Anyway anyone at a hall that sees someone professing to be anointed just thinks that person has a screw loose.
  • slimboyfat

    Yeah I think there has been a casual acceptance that some flaky misfits will claim to be anointed and be counted as such.

    This study article seems to imply that unless you do above average ministry and have spiritual responsibility in the congregation you should not even consider the possibility you are anointed. If those criteria were strictly applied it would exclude a hell of a lot of people currently claiming to be anointed.

  • Sabin
    wow, so God no longer decides based on heart condition, the GB decides based on ministry report. They actually do believe themselves to be higher than the heavens don't they. They are the Pharisees all over again, no wonder Jesus didn't choose from among them you would think this would be a lesson for them wouldn't you.
  • LevelThePlayingField
    I think WT articles like this will actually be written annually to remind the rank and file of the qualifications of being anointed, that it comes from God, and that it's basically unattainable for the poor sheeples. As long as the numbers keep trending up, they will keep printing more articles like this. Go figure. It goes against their doctrine.
  • Alive!

    Years ago, in our KH, three out of the five 'annointed' were truly bizarre, known for raising trouble and behaving badly towards others - a fourth one was highly respected and lived past his 90s however, I later heard from an elders wife that he was very abusive to his wife....and he behaved very ahem strangely towards a younger married pioneer sister...upsetting her husband and causing them some difficulties... This was known and not a secret.

    I was told (regarding the eccentric annointed) that Jehovah knows the hearts.....we need not ask questions.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Hmmm?? It makes sense that they would at some point start cracking-down on the anointed, increasing. They have to start cracking-down on those who claim to be anointed. In order to preserve that ludicrous reasoning about only 144.000 literal number going to Heaven. And to preserve that ludicrous but obviously incorrect reasoning that the number has been ''decreasing over the decades.''
  • possum
    Sorry, edited that post maybe too off topic..
  • talesin
    if you are company men with a record of loyalty and devotion to the organisation, on the ministry and appointment in the congregation

    This caught my eye. There used to be women who were of 'the anointed'; I guess no more women, but that has been since the 70s that I was 'in', so might have changed a long time ago.

    * one para. disappeared - reconstructing ....

    Here's my experience of knowing one of 'the anointed'. One of my close pioneer friends (she was 40ish, he about 30) married one. She was a beautiful ex-model from Montreal, he just suddenly appeared in the congo. Dunno where he came from. This was mid-70s. They met and soon married. She isolated herself, and they were rarely seen except at the KH.


    They attended 'get-togethers' occasionally (but only with uber JWS like my family). He was pleasant and a quiet person; not shy, yet reserved. He was neither a 'company man' nor what we used to call a 'servant', but he spent a lot of time visiting with people - especially the old and those having problems - and encouraging them. He had a distant look in his eyes; not the 1,000-yard stare of PTSD, but somewhat vacant, like the fugue of some persons who live with schizophrenia (low end of the scale, usually lucid with little to zero affect, occasionally mildly delusional, non-threatening and not a danger to anyone).

    I've thought about it over the years, and I think he was a genuinely nice person. It was his niche in the cult, to be one of the 'anointed'. tal

  • Mephis
    If I were to be convinced, without any self-doubt or questioning, that I had been specially chosen by god, I'd get a two week stay for observation at local psychiatric ward and advice on appropriate medication for a delusional mania. (I have a bipolar diagnosis.) The seven men in Brooklyn seem to be saying they genuinely get that feeling and it qualifies them to run a non-profit. Not throwing stones, just saying.

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