Watchtower crackdown on anointed expansion - are they reaching for a solution to the expanding numbers problem?

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  • dbq407
    I'm surprised the GB just doesn't lie about the number of anointed to make themselves look better. They could just print a misleading number and the sheeple would believe it anyways.
  • Mephis
    Possum wrote: Mephis/talesin ditto totally agree............makes you wonder for all the individuals obviously suffering some sort of religious mania or undiagnosed/untreated mental illness who profess to be anointed.

    It's obviously a sensitive subject/issue, for a number of reasons generally with religion/mental health stuff, and especially with the GB explaining the increase in numbers as being a result of mental health problems. But the definition they themselves are giving there of someone who is a 'genuine' partaker is of someone who could likely benefit from seeing a mental health professional. 'Genuine' anointed have to be delusional to partake, but if you're delusional and partake you're not 'genuine'. It's quite the catch-22. But turtles all the way down I guess.

  • DarioKehl

    This is going to backfire on them. This is simply going to reduce the anointed population to a high concentration on nutjobs who "don't think... they know."

    a real crazy person doesn't think they're crazy--they think everyone else is.

    i also love their attempt at explaining what being anointed feels like. It's sounds exactly like how it is to be gay, but the bOrg flatly ignores the "you just know" explaination for LGBT people.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i get easily confused with all this annointed garbage--so can anyone clarify this:-

    the " bride" of christ is in reality mostly men from the 12 tribes of israel--right ?

    add this to there being no mention of jesus having a wife--in the bible---does this suggest that he is a homosexual ?

  • BluesBrother

    Years back they described the heavenly calling , not in the terms of zeal, but the sense of being heavenly in one's thinking.

    • Does your heart yearn to be with "our Lord" in heaven?
    • Do the earthly blessings of The kingdom mean nothing to you?


    Up to the 1930's, when everybody came from a church that taught a heavenly afterlife, that was no big deal, it was normal for Christian believers to feel that way. Today, for members of the r & f "other sheep" to suddenly have these feelings is decidedly strange. Does it not smack of superiority and delusion?

  • OneFingerSalute

    Jehovah’s spirit works with equal force in those who have the hope of living forever on earth.

    This statement is one that is worthy of saving. If asked abut the self-proclaimed importance and specialness of the gibbering body one can pull out their own words and throw back in their face.

  • OneFingerSalute

    Why is it that this "anointing process" (nice pick up on that term, prologos) has never been described by those who have gone through it?

    According to one goofball I knew in the late seventies early eighties, who came from Nigeria it was an angel of fire that appeared to him in a vision amidst many flashes of lightning and thunderclaps that touched him with a scepter of pure white diamonds and specifically told him he was anointed and to start partaking.

    I am sure it was that same angel that told him to repeatedly plunge his newborn baby into a tub of ice water whenever it cried, and that he should have many, many sexual partners other than his wife and impregnate them too.

    What a f--king loon!

  • Phizzy

    I think that the fact the GB/Leadership has not really addressed this problem is indicative of their total lack of leadership expertise.

    They have shown through many crises that they are only reactive, not proactive, but something like this needs sorting long before it grows any bigger.

    Why ?

    Because it calls in to question so many things, just one : if they leave it until 144,001 are partaking they have lost the battle, and their "Life on a Paradise Earth" carrot begins to look what it really is, totally made up.

  • DarioKehl

    They've tried discrediting the current "newly anointed" because it threatens their power structure & delegitimizes the GB claim to authority. This demeaning approach will only work for awhile.

    the only long-term solution is the inevitable new light: "144,000 is a figurative number." Fuckin guarantee that change is coming. Guaran-damn-tee it.

  • prologos
    DK: "--144,000 is a figurative number." or all members of the 12 [earthly] tribes, out of which the 144k come, should partake.

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