Watchtower crackdown on anointed expansion - are they reaching for a solution to the expanding numbers problem?

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  • Landy

    So is the 144k not the fds any more? Is the fds just the GB?

    Judging by the rate of increase all 144k should be back on the earth in another 25 years.

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    Maybe they'll start to believe in reincarnation to explain how the anointed just keep coming and going.
  • tor1500


    Here's something to think some of them (men) think they are anointed...So, they have already decided, they won't be with their wife & kids in the does that work ? You spend x amount of years with your spouse, & look forward to seeing them in the new system, that's is comforting, yet one day your hubby says, Ah, I'm one of the 144, does that play out ? How does the wife you feel she feels good about this...I don't think so....could that be why God said about the 144,000, that they wouldn't be defiled by woment, ummm...could that be he didn't want anyone to leave a love one on earth while they are heaven..just a thought...Once while I was at the meeting...a sister next to me looked at the year book to see the number of anointed...she kept looking & looking, so I said, is the # going up or down ? She said up...but I could see that her brain was scrambling...She is a die hard witness...she couldn't tell me because she knew something wasn't right. They put too much faith in man....many of them know but afraid to admit, this may not be the truth....It may just kill them if it wasn' they hold on to the dream...


  • sparrowdown
    The only solution to the increasing numbers of partakers would be dropping some sort of fast acting antipsychotic into the memorial wine.
  • notsurewheretogo

    The GB's best known methods is to "simply bury their head in the sand and let everyone else forget it".

    This is true of their money pinching, asset grabbing, child abuse policies, strange prophetic teachings...the fact that there are 15,000 partakers is disturbing for a thinking dub but the GB will just ignore the issue and expect the sheep to do the same.

    The only time they need to address it when time is they had to with the "generation" and will do soon with the anointed partakers and 1914 but in the meantime they will act as though there is nothing to see.

  • sowhatnow

    so, the wt prints an article,

    to make who aware , [the lay people or the ones who claim to be chosen?]

    that which ones claiming to be anointed are crazy?

    so then , anyone who partakes, will be looked at with a suspicious eye,

    thus, causing distrust of the very person who claims to be chosen....

    and then what?

    I used to wonder why all the 'anointed' ones did not gather together at a local assembly hall and have a private celebration, after all wouldn't you want to know who else claims it? wouldnt you want to know who your 'heavenly brothers were?

    Im not aware if those who partake, ever disclose that info to anyone else, that may partake, the only way, someone who partook, would know if someone else did , is if they were introduced to each other at some point, and the person brought it up. its not like they have some secret signal, lol

  • possum
    1. My father and step mother both anointed since 1960/1970. Memorial night they would ring other anointed friends. Even as an adult I was never privy to those conversations. Too deep for a mere member of great crowd.

    I think being "anointed" is just the JW equivalent of a non-JW becoming a born-again Xian. It's only a big deal because JWs essentially worship the GB/FDS.

    The GB have purposely reinforced this behavior to make sure that they are the boss of everyone. It's not like they are actually humble, or welcome direction and advice. They don't call or visit other "anointed" ones, or ask, "What do you think the generation is?" Nope, they DF anyone who dares to question their "shelved ideas."

    When I was "anointed", it could have just been my sub-conscious alerting me to the fact that something was wrong with "Da Troof." I didn't get crazy, I didn't have visions. I did see the Bible in an entirely new way, and get mad as hell when the Elders acted like Pharisees.

    I figured if the WTBTS was wrong, then as an Xian, I should partake and celebrate the Passover. So I went all out. I baked unleavened bread, I bought Kosher wine. I celebrated alone and prayed. Then I told someone like a friggin idiot and my life went to shit...

    When I told the wife, she freaked. Nothing has been the same since. Thanks, Jesus! 😑


  • possum
    DATA DOG I met some much younger anointed acquaintances of my parents. I found them to be genuinely full on and zealous but on the whole frustrated by elders and others who didn't care about the religion/flock as much as they generally did. My dad was actually disfellowshipped temporarily by visiting CO because he assumed that his constant references back to Russel and the older publications where apostasy. Much scrambling by other elders (relatives) to be him reinstated. My poor father saw it as spiritual test bought about by satan!
  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    Forgive me for not getting it but why wouldn't everyone partake anyway? Even if you buy into the whole two-tiered setup, isn't it supposedly just to remind us of what Jesus did? So so-called "other sheep" supposedly benefit and should "remember" too, right? They could easily "fix" this "problem" with "new light" instructing everyone to partake.

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