Watchtower crackdown on anointed expansion - are they reaching for a solution to the expanding numbers problem?

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  • possum

    Mephis/talesin ditto totally agree............makes you wonder for all the individuals obviously suffering some sort of religious mania or undiagnosed/untreated mental illness who profess to be anointed.

    How many of the secret 7 are just stone cold sober opportunists?


    If you were the GB, leaders of a religion with a huge history of failed interpretations, would you:

    A) Admit that once again, you have made another blunder concerning the anointed and the time-line of the END. ( As in the decreasing of anointed is a sign of the END )

    B) Do whatever you can to cast doubt upon any "anointed" who may disagree with company policy, or pose a threat to your position of power and influence; perhaps going so far as calling their mental and emotional state into question.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I have to admit I haven't followed this as closely as I used to.

    Talesin is correct, in the old days of the 1960s and 1970s it was not at all unusual for women to claim the anointed calling. There was one in my NYC congregation (Ann Sabalow, now deceased) and I recall that Rick Fearon's wife Inez (also now deceased) claimed the anointed calling too.

    Do we have any numbers for this social phenomenon? How much have the ranks of the anointed grown in recent years?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Yeah, you can almost see a sense of punitive articles to those who now claim to be ''annointed''. In other words articles/studies about those who claim to be ''annointed'' being disillusioned or have mental issues.
  • neverendingjourney

    If there was no sealing of anointed in 1935, what's the point in counting them? Their decline used to be one more way to show the end was getting nearer. Now it's a relic of a bygone era/old light.

    I think it's a matter of time before they stop publishing the figure. It's embarrassing and no longer serves any purpose. Fifteen thousand or fifty thousand... makes no difference under current teaching, especially since the FDS is now only the GB.

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    I think they're a little trapped. The "proof" for being anointed is the same whether you're a governing body member or not. You just have to take their word for it. Whatever they say would apply equally to themselves.
  • prologos

    I just received the 1-15-2016 wt today, a gift from an ardent student. glancing through it, The reference to increasing the requirements as Slimboy suggested, must be very subtle, because the emphasis is still on a mysterious "anointing process" ( new word, par.8) there still seem to be a disconnect between works and anointing, although current GB members are ex cos, not all "anointed" are. Even a miracle for or by you would not count as a sign of being a "wt saint". (par 15) There will be many juicy comments here on these two articles. Tidbits I gathered?:

    1) page 22 par 1 : the anointed only are still the "spiritual Israel" wheres "john" wrote they come out of the 12 tribes.

    2.) par 17: "--the majority of the anointed have already died --[and been resurrected?]" that means we still could have 72001 genuine partakers , and many more counted, before 2075, by current trends. Can you imagine more than 144 000 partakers?

    3) par. 14 "-- [anointed} have not lost interest in life, wanting it to end quickly--" no, hence the overlapping generation taking us to 2075.

    4) page 26 par 15 :" it seems that all in the first-century Congregation were anointed--", well, it seems only? of course all the billions of partakers that were fooled by BTG, would end up on earth surely there had to be 12 non -anointed tribes for the partakers to come out of.

    The anointing process is still hidden, personal and mind changing, a process akin to Eve listening to the talking snake.

  • millie210
    Does having young GB members who profess to be annointed have anything to do with why they are being deliberately vague in print?
  • prologos
    M210: deliberately vague in print? i think every word is very carefully chosen, even in committee-style reviews, to have the subtle effect that Slimboy proposed. wt seems to resigned to ever increasing partaker counts, but are trying to diffuse the issue. has it not occurred to them that all should be partake?
  • nicolaou
    What changed about a decade ago to cause the upswing?

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