2017 Convention Recording: JWs Applaud 10yo Girl For Shunning Her Own Sister

by pale.emperor 53 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • eyeuse2badub

    Oh how jehober must be sooo proud of those that shun their family members and those that let their kids die for the stupid 'no blood' stance.

    just saying!

  • stuckinarut2

    We all know that 1 Tim says that in the "last days people would have NO NATURAL AFFECTION"

    Seems quite clear that JW is fulfilling that by its promotion of shunning amongst family members!

  • freddo


    I think Vin the Tool said he'd never heard of "Theocratic Warfare" not "shunning".

    Now about the video ... almost Nazi Germany.

    I can well imagine Artur Axmann interviewing a Hitler Youth member at a parade who has denounced his family for anti-Hitler sentiments.

    At least they would have been dressed more smartly.

  • Sorry

    It's sickening (and kinda sad) that JWs view this type of behavior as 'loving' when really, it's just manipulation at it finest. I notice that in multiple WT articles, the person coming back to says something along the lines of "If they would've given that one dose of association, that would've satisfied me, and I would've never came back to the truth." Essentially saying that didn't even want to come back, they just missed their family. That's just plain messed up.

    Even if some (like my own family and some in the congregation) acknowledge the effed up dynamic, they'll just blame the one being shunned: "They should've stayed with Jehovah" "They knew what they were getting into when they got baptized, they brought this on themselves". Even if shunning their lived one brings them great distress and depression, they just can't see that. But JWs have "natural affection" and are the "happiest people", right?

  • flipper

    Man oh man, this is SO creepy on SO many levels. This young girl seems like an automatic programmed robot for crying out loud. No emotion, no expression of feeling on her face- not until she hears the applause from the audience - THEN she smiles due to the cult approval of her shunning her dfed sister. So freaking creepy.

    Just like as some mentioned a Hitler youth talking about murdering other racial groups without facial emotion- then when applause happens that same German youth would smile due to the approval of hateful, murderous attitudes within the Nazis.

    In my opinion it shows just HOW dangerous any mind control group is with this mindset. JW's, Scientology, government parties- when you get a large group of people who are all in agreement on what they consider " acceptable " behavior - even though it's awful behavior - the wolf pack mentality kicks in and reasoning and logic and decency are totally thrown by the wayside. This little girl, the woman standing by her , and the audience are all captives within a " Stockholm Syndrome " going along with their WT Society leaders and slaveholders of them while being complicit and agreeing with WT leaders. They don't have a clue that they are enslaved. Which really shows how f----ed up this is. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • pale.emperor
  • EdenOne

    Revolting. Truly made me sick from watching it.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    Poor little sweet girl. She surely has fanatical parents kissing the ass of all the disgusting machos scattered higher up in the cult worshipping organized degrees of the JW.Org Pyramid. We can blame only the parents for their religious fanatism. Poor little girl, I say it again. And I know what I am tlking about. I am crying for her !!!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I would love to see this fucked up printing corporation get sued up the wazzu for this indoctrinated cruelity.

  • Chook

    The crime is false imprisonment of her life away from her sister, l begged an x elder to talk to his df'd daughter , to no avail the corporate stance took precedent and the family unit remains destroyed. Class action with a big legal firm for loss of liberty, but JWs pockets are deep, they still have a big realestate portfolio.

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