2017 Convention Recording: JWs Applaud 10yo Girl For Shunning Her Own Sister

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  • pale.emperor

    This poor girl was baptized at 9yo.

    She isnt old enough to buy alcohol, to vote, to decide her own medical treatment, to buy a pet, to travel alone... yet she was deemed old enough to dedicate her life to a religion that will cut her off from her family if she ever leaves.

    Here she is applauded for shunning her own sister who tried to keep in contact with her after waking up.


  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    It was difficult to clic on "like"... I'm sure you understand what I mean.

  • sparrowdown

    This horrible cult actively trains the "natural affection" out of these people.

    The org: If you shun your sister and tell the whole world about it, you can go on the platform at the convention and everyone will clap for you.

    Jw: Oooh goodie, I love applause.

  • ToesUp

    Mold em while they are young! That's why we got our kids out of the cult.

    Watchtower has sunken to it's lowest on this one. Really Watchtower, you have to use kids to get your dirty disgusting message to the drones?


    2017 Convention Recording: JWs Applaud 10yo Girl For Shunning Her Own Sister

    Image result for stupid is as stupid does

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    do dub frumps really dress like that ?

  • sparrowdown

    Stan, stan stan, that be WT approved "modest clothing."

    The sisters had no choice if they wanted to appear on the platform.

  • Chook

    They are just perfecting the destruction of the family unit, the young girls mind is up for public manipulation. I just want to know how they equate Christianity with this family. That young girl, if her sister never comes back to org there is now a generational part of the family tree which will have cousins and nieces cut off . That young girl will forget her sisters favourite colour, her favourite music all because of 7 old men who have personally taken it on themselves to fine tune and master the destruction of the family unit.

    Surely this cult can be stopped. I view them as evil in suits.

  • jp1692

    This religion is just sick the way it not only DESTROYS FAMILIES, but is proud of it!

  • sparrowdown

    The real hero in this story is the shunned sister.

    Woohoo you go girl, be sure to drop by JW.com to receive a hero's welcome!

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