Have you ever stopped and noticed anything about the world?

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    This is like a Really Bad Infomercial,that`s Extremely Long..


    You Never Find Out What The Product Is....."THAT`S BEING SOLD"..


    We`re Not Interested In This..........................What We Want To Know Is..

    Image result for But wait there's more......Image result for What are you selling

  • HBH

    I actually get what the op is saying, but it's not being articulated in a cohesive way. (no offense) Social criticism usually only reaches a small audience. Read the work of Morris Berman for example. I think this clip from a System of a Down vid from about 20 years ago sums up what is trying to be put across.



  • Dunedain

    TROT - You compared life, humans, animals, and this world, as we know it, to a program, almost like a video game. Where the AI, humans, became like a virus, and therefore the programmer, God, needs to destroy the virus, so to speak.

    Well, my friend, this "analogy" is primitive and basic, at its, supposed, "deepest" level.

    You see, VIDEO GAMES, and a PROGRAM, are NOT REAL. They have NO feelings. They do NOT feel pain, hurt, anxiety, horror, terror, and the many, many things that have befalled humans, since the beginning of time.

    To compare the suffering, and unimaginable pain, that humanity has endured, to a VIDEO GAME, makes you simple, and just as evil as the God you are pushing.

    To "wrap up in a nutshell", the pain of losing a child, and loved ones, and disease's, as being like a mere program, makes you an "apologist" for it. YOU, my friend, ARE the one missing the big picture.

    A program, video game, is a man-made construct, and it IS, indeed easy, and harmless, to wipe out a program, and delete a whole "world", in a video game. The characters, and worlds, in these programs, feel, and know, nothing.

    However, for a God/creator, of a REAL world, with REAL, thinking, humans, who can even contemplate their own pain, love, joy, hurt, and existence, and SUBJECT them to a painful "deletion" of their world, and loved ones, IS CRIMINAL, and the opposite of LOVE.

    Your comparison, of the human experience to a simple program, shows me that YOU are sterile, and un-felling, and un-loving, just like YOUR god.

    Shame on YOU, for not having compassion for all the pain and suffering in this world.

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