Have you ever stopped and noticed anything about the world?

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  • Landy


    I'll have some of what you're smoking. Thanks.

  • cofty

    You join a community with no introduction and announce that you are wise and that you are here to teach everybody. Your OP is has absolutely no content but is full of pretentious and patronising illustrations.

    How do you think that sounds?

    It is precisely the tactics of the Brahma Kumaris that have plagued the board for the past few years. They always lie about it and deny who they are.

    Here are just a few of their alternative identities..

    the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization

    The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

    Inner Space

    Living Values Education Program

    Self Management Leadership

    Visions of a Better World Foundation

    The Janki Foundation

    Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Study Foundation

    Brahma Kumaris Educational Society

    Global Retreat Centre

    Oxford Leadership Academy

    BK Publications [BKIS Limited]

    Relax 7

    Soul Power Seminars

    World Renewal Trust

  • Xanthippe

    A lot of twenty-six year olds know everything, you're in good company. Why play games, if you have found out something interesting from your research then just share. Are you looking for a particular code word or something? 😀

  • Ruby456

    therevealerof truth

    the religion of capitalism and consumption - I agree -

    time exists - I agree

    putting the above 2 together is more suggestive of the play of imagination as material and materially engaged with creativity. Protestantism, however, in its most literal forms puts us solely in our minds - are you saying we need to go back to that - really? I'd rather be in the world with the Kardashians and co

  • TheRevealerOfTruth

    You try to immediately define me. Why? Can this be my own research? Honestly I've actually never heard of BK or that entire list. Nor do I now want to. I'm a programmer, I cannot comprehend things on blind faith. I have to compute what I have found within modern human conception.

    If you take my post offensively, I'll take my leave immediately. I'm sorry to bother. This was just to admire what I have seen, witnessed, and understood. I by no means have all the answers. I'm just someone who finds answers to my questions and wouldn't mind sharing, as to gain more knowledge.

    I'm just a scholar. Not a prophet.

  • TheRevealerOfTruth

    If we then put ourselves in our own minds, then we would be God. Blasphemy against the spirit is unforgivable. Acknowledging we are not alone, then we have not done the previous. None of us are gods. As we assuredly see. Except the Kardashians, gods of vapid-ness.

  • TheRevealerOfTruth

    I never would have started looking Xan if I thought I knew everything.

  • Ruby456

    have you noticed how often scientists use the word creation? this is not suggestive of there being a creator but is suggestive of creativity itself. Institutional religion simply focuses on and personifies this intensely imo and does so very effectively judging by the numbers of those in them. You are young - keep experimenting

    I agree that the Kardashians are vapid - but can that be said for those who follow them - hmmm that would be awfully sweeping. But the religion of consumption is here to stay - at least until capitalism does.

    Don't fret that you do not have enough money though - you have an imagination and this is more precious than that

  • Je.suis.oisif
    This is fishing for "padding material" for an episode of Billions right? Just after the protagonist has lost everthing?
  • Ruby456

    nice one jesuisoisif - bobby the clean living guy who can rationalise his shady business dealings v chuck&wife and their appetite for S&M

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