Have you ever stopped and noticed anything about the world?

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    If I wrote a program - I would write a program that has an almost unimaginable series of events that could take place but all within my programming. Say - I make a video game and I create a perfect little paradise. Everything happens the way I want it to. I wrote it. I am... alone... it is almost akin to Animals have Instinct while Human's are virtually an AI, uncontrollable with free will. But say - I make a system where I can make an AI, something like myself, so I can sit and watch out of curiosity what they do, a form of entertainment forever. But - if this AI then develops outside of the boundaries I created... it would then become a virus and destroy itself. I want it to live forever, like me, and grow with me and enjoy things in this video game that I cannot, I want them to enjoy their senses and see everything I made for them. How can it when it purposely chooses to blow itself up? I have no control over it, the only base programming - if it so chooses to follow - would be love. If it does not act in love, it acts of it's own accord and begins to deteriorate.

    In the sense of the Athiest - I say this:

    There is a group of programmers, let us say 10. You and I program using a source code and create an AMAZING Virtual Reality game! It is fun to play, we are playing and writing code inside of it everyday. Then one day, the owner of the company comes down and says 'Hey, I have developed a way to not only enter, but make an image of our minds and put them into the game - so here are two AIs to start out.' Then he leaves. We all continue to play, and we grow with these AIs - they have limitations since they are stuck inside this system but they are fun since they have their own personalities etc. Well - one of the 10 guys says 'I want this video game... I can make it better, I want to rewrite the source code to make them all MINE! :D' - we all look on to the guy and say 'Hey, you are going to get fired... I wouldn't if I were you' - but he starts anyway. The owner comes back down, and sees him. What would you do? Well, he allows the man to attempt to rewrite it. But there are rules - if the rewriting of the code leads to a point where the entire creation/invention/AI comes to a point to implode - the owner stops the man and he is fired. But if he rewrites the code to exist without it's source code - self sufficient code extending past it's boundaries - a code that is all his and no one elses - he wins. With this the owner left. 3 more of the group join him, and the rest of us sit back and agree that it is better to enjoy the game for what we have - continue to get our paycheck, and not try to rewrite the code because there is a chance to get fired. Well look forward - the Slanderers and Opposer team are making headway - can they create a civilization/rewrite the AI code to accept death of itself to prolong other pieces of itself? Can they rewrite the AI code to govern other AI codes within the game? Without need of the Source code at all? Well the AIs are not alone, the other team were allowed to show the AI its SOURCE CODE, leading to eternity in this game. They cannot MAKE them follow the source code, but it is there - they know about it - it is not hidden out of complete sight. Though the Opposing team is writing in many many veils over the original Source Code hiding it extremely well so that there is no question (to most) that it is just 'Human Nature' and the "Human Condition' to anger, kill, die, and move on with life. We are now so desensitized by death that we accept it, but it is not the reality.

    Think if the owner just fired him in the first place - what would the other 9 of us have thought? Personally I would then almost daresay agree that maybe his way isn't best, maybe we can rewrite the code, but now there is almost more than enough example to see that is most certainly not true.

    "You believe that there is one God, do you? You are doing quite well. And yet the demons believe and shudder." You believe there is the Owner of the Source Code don't you? You are doing well. But the Opposing team do too... and they shudder since now they see they are going to get fired. Since their 'experience' of this video game has lasted eons - but it is coming to an end. And they are terrified. Our extremely short limited experience comes to an end... and we just accept it as uncontrollable and 'as nature intended'. That is extremely smart programming if you ask me.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Too long.


  • KateWild

    Your latest posts are so faith strengthening and very conclusive. Thank you so much.

    Thank you also for your wonderful pm it brings my heart joy.

    Love Kate xx

  • TheRevealerOfTruth

    You're welcome. I expect nothing from anyone. I only provide what truth I have found. What logical Love exists with reasoning of this world around us.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    The amount of textual diarrhoea in this thread suggests that the size of the a-hole generating it is huge. Is there a treatment for that I wonder?

  • TheRevealerOfTruth
    SF - describe your beliefs - your religion - what do you base your ethics and morals off of. I want to know more.
  • LisaRose
    ook at me, sitting here, wondering why I notice the world through eyes that could not see true evil. And a heart that was numb to feelings, due to the fact that the feelings came from evil, unnatural. Jehovah God is incapable of wickedness, whenever we look to see good will in the world - that is Jehovah. When we look and see bad, it is Satan, Devil, One who cannot be named.

    If you believe in God, then you believe in a being that sat idly by while millions of human beings have been systematically cheated, stolen from, deprived of food, tortured, murdered and raped throughout the history of man. If there are such things as invisible beings, then he would be the worst of them, because he created the world where it happened and then allowed it, over and over, for some purpose that he hasn't fully explained and that could never justify the evil he has allowed. So many people have suffered, nothing can take that away.

    But of course there is no evidence that such beings exist. Despite thirty years of earnest prayer to Jehovah, he never once responded, so I can only conclude that he doesn't exist. Despite being told that Satan was always looking to get me I saw no evidence of him either. Despite being told the bible is the word of God I found it to be confusing, full of errors and obviously written by primitive, petty and imperfect men. It's stories are very obviously fairy tales, told by the camp fire for centuries before being written down, and not even original. A talking snake? A global flood? Preposterous and easily disproved by science. It has some generic wisdom here and there, but nothing that isn't obvious to any thinking person. It also dictates that me, as a woman, am forever subservient to men, unfit for any position of responsibility, a possession. No thank you.

    My happiness and freedom began the day I realized that God doesn't exist. I no longer had to listen to a bunch of self appointed men tell me what to think, do and say. It was like I was in prison and suddenly the door popped open and I could walk in the sun. The sixteen years since that day have been the happiest of my life. I no longer fear God's wrath or Armageddon. I no longer have to listen to a bunch of old farts in Brooklyn who presume to speak for God and who obsess over tight pants. I no longer have to live with guilt, being constantly told that I wasn't doing enough. My time is not enslaved to a cult, it is my own. I can't imagine spending most of my free time sitting in the kingdom hall being bored silly and I can't even imagine why any God would want me to.


  • TheRevealerOfTruth

    Read my post concerning the programming an hour ago. You are right, and ones who follow god will emit Love as their head. Cross culture, race, gender, your Love is what drives you to exist. Love put faith in yourself and your existence. Without love/religion of some sort - you are nothing. Whether that religion be drugs, greed, or an addiction leaving you to literally sit in a room and eat a mattress all day. You are something, that is why you are talking to me.

    Love is the center, the core, from love understanding will come. I'm trying to learn, gain in knowledge, and share. By no means do I say you are wrong or I am right I just open a question, a statement, and then expect nothing. You are not asked to do anything. I just am here to explain if you have a question.

  • QuestioningEverything

    So many words - so little content.

    My thoughts exactly. I am glad to know i'm not the only one who felt this way.

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