Have you ever stopped and noticed anything about the world?

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  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    LisaRose isn't shying away from a word or two either, but at least it's very clear what she is saying. There is meaning in her words, and I heartily agree with both the words and the meaning.

    If you can't explain your idea or concept in 5 sentences that could be understood by a 10 year old, you probably don't understand what you are saying yourself.

    If you have a message, be clear and concise. If you have no message, please exercise your right to remain silent ;-)

  • cofty

    12 hours ago you wrote "Good night to you all".

    You have been rambling on ever since and still you have said precisely nothing.

    Go and get some sleep and think about what it was you wanted to say. So far it is vacuous.

  • TheRevealerOfTruth

    What is the meaning of life for an evolved civilization? Treat one another the way you would treat oneself. Since we are all enlightened to a point where material things are no longer a conquest... not yet.

    We cannot control our gluttony here on this planet, where do you think the world is headed?

    If no one questions anything, then live in this world where creativity is stifled, and further enlightenment is destroyed by selfish desire. We are nothing standing as one. We are everything standing together. Of one mind, one goal, is it not world peace? What would make the world peaceful if you could press a button? A government of Peace - Love - Unity - perhaps all those Hippies in the 1970's weren't so crazy after all?

    Yet we all just 'accept' the human condition of 'war strife greed etc' and do ... NOTHING to correct it? Here in America we directly affect orphans in Thailand just by buying products they are forced to create. Where does this make sense? How has the UN or any other world authority not overruled this type of government? Set an example? China - let's kill all the babies! No more females! Can you imagine if that was put in the hands of a government operating on complete peace? They could have expanded and re-branded those orphans into farming etc - there's just so many. But you all sit here, complacent that the world is a disgusting place and believe there's nothing better. Here here - take another drink. Hook up with the next object of fleeting affection be it drugs or sex - and return to sleep at night to the comfort that this short existence is all you get. Meanwhile the one who knows the true god is trying, and doing well. And the demons who know him shudder. You return my simple precipice of peace with grabbing another gun of self doubt and the affliction of brain washing by a government YOU NO LONGER CONTROL, NOT FOR DECADES. THIS IS NOT OUR GOVERNMENT.

    I can no longer believe that after everything I've found. I'm not here on behalf of any religion. I'm here on behalf of myself as an example.

    You should just stop reading if you wish to not know. Don't take the red pill. You can't come back, no matter what the Matrix and world leaders entice you to believe that get an education, get a job, get a mortgage is the meaning of life while all you are doing is DYING. Hmm... let me get you some more pills. Are you here to actually think for yourself or be led by them?

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    So you have a computer program that combines random words, or are your cat and spell checker working together? ;-)

  • TheRevealerOfTruth

    If there is all this and I say nothing, why do you reply with mockery? If you want to hear nothing, then stop responding.

  • cofty

    TROT you claim to be a scholar and a wise teacher.

    So far you have shown yourself to be a terrible communicator. You are wordy, rambling and incoherent.

    Can you sum up the essence of your message succinctly in a few sentences?

    If not then I can safely ignore your future verbiage.

  • sir82

    If no one questions anything, then live in this world where creativity is stifled, and further enlightenment is destroyed by selfish desire.

    I'm questioning what on earth you are talking about.

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    I vote " stop feeding the troll "

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