If mathematics teacher made a mistake, would it mean mathematics itself is wrong!

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  • DesirousOfChange

    No evidence of a God? Aren't all you nay-sayers forgetting all the obvious evidence? Did you ever read the Creation/Creator books?

    The earth is round because the bible says so.

    The earth is really big.

    The sun is really really big.

    The sun is really really far from the earth and that makes the temps on the Earth perfect

    The Milky Way is really really really big with lots and lots and lots of stars.

    Atoms are really really small and we are made up of lots and lots and lots of atoms.

    If you put parts in a box and shook it for 1000 years or 1 million years when would it be a watch?

    Need I go on?


  • venus

    You all got struck with the word MATHEMATICS! I can’t believe it. You are too innocent. I used mathematics as a symbol of any subject about which a teacher teaches. And that teacher made a mistake in the subject he is teaching. This would only prove teacher is wrong, it would not prove the subject he is teaching is non-existent. Similarly, religions depicted God wrongly. It only means religions are wrong, it doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist!

    Congratulations to Vanderhoven7 who got this point with absolute clarity.

    God’s non existence cannot be proved because we are all flooded with products, machines, tools, gadgets …. all of which primarily prove someone designed them. If every machine primarily proves someone designed it, then a much more complex, wonderful, and living machine with reproductive feature would mean the same: someone with corresponding ability, of higher energy, designed it because effect explains the cause just like harvest explains the sowing (whether you saw sowing or not).

    Even if someone creates a human being in a laboratory taking 94 elements and life-force under the live-telecast all over the world, and explains to us what went into his making this human being, it would still primarily prove he is the designer, and the product is the result of his design.

  • _Morpheus

    No venus, your too simple. We didnt get hung up on the word math, you got hung up on god.

    no. Proof.

    Give proof, i believe.

  • venus

    If we fastforward, this is what both the group do:

    Religion used the word somebody created the universe and everything in it

    Atheists use the word something (big bang) created the universe and everything in it

    In principle, both are same--someone/something designed universe and everything in it.

  • out4good4
  • venus


    You understood what I am trying to convey, and pretend you didn't; and you think that you escaped. But deep within you, you know you agree to the absolute truth--design presupposes designer because you proved it with your action:

    Your own comments prove that you designed it which means again the same: design means designer.

  • Divergent


    design means designer.

    And designer means design which means designer of designer which means designer of designer of designer which means... (continues on endlessly)

  • _Morpheus

    lol oh boy. Now you know what i know and what i think. This is as pointless as every other believer debate.

    You have no proof.

    You will never have proof.

    Your god isnt real.

  • cofty

    This conversation is utterly pointless until Venus - yet another dishonest evangelist for the Brahma Kumaris cult - defines exactly what she/he means by "god".

    The word "god" is utterly meaningless. As soon as a believer describes their god it is child's-play to prove it does not exist.

    Please don't play silly games with a dishonest evangelist for a life-destroying eastern apocalyptic cult.

    Brahma Kumaris World Deception Organisation

    Brahma Kumaris listed as dangerous cult.

    Brahma Kumaris Cult Exposed


    Brahma Kumaris In a Nutshell

  • carla

    I remember 2 separate (different denominations) ministers tell that jw's and Mormon's make more atheist than any other groups combined. Don't know if it is true but I found it interesting.

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