If mathematics teacher made a mistake, would it mean mathematics itself is wrong!

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    “The basic rule of the psychic universe is that “like attracts like.” Similarly, “love promotes love,” so that the person who has let go of a lot of inner negativity is surrounded by loving thoughts, loving events, loving people, and loving pets. This phenomenon explains many scriptural quotations and common sayings that have puzzled the intellect, such as, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” and “Those who have, get.” As a general rule, therefore, people who are carrying the consciousness of apathy bring poverty circumstances into their lives, and those with a prosperity consciousness bring abundance into their lives. Because all living things are connected on vibrational energy levels, our basic emotional state is picked up and reacted to by all life forms around us. It is well known that animals can instantly read a person’s basic emotional state. There are experiments demonstrating that even the growth of bacteria is affected by human emotions, and that plants register measurable reactions to our emotional state (Backster, 2003).”
    David R. Hawkins, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

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    If René Descartes (great mathematician and philosopher) were here, he would have said He liked at least three of them whereas you don’t like all four. This is the beauty of life. Certain things are like time—it looks short during happiness and longer during a wait/pain. Everyone’s taste is different. When we permit little space around them, everyone is comfortable. Just like hating all those four makes you feel comfortable, loving them all four makes me comfortable.

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