If mathematics teacher made a mistake, would it mean mathematics itself is wrong!

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  • venus

    Many people point to the irrationality in the depiction of God by the religions and their scriptures, hence jump into the bottomless pit of atheism. In either camp, God is not a factor because religion is only a means that misrepresents God, hence religionists themselves are atheists (literally, those who live without God). It is like saying there exists no earth because you found out your friend who taught earth is flat is wrong; or it is like saying mathematics itself is wrong because you found out your mathematics teacher made a mistake. Mathematics exists whether mathematics teachers understand it or not. (Psalm 19:1-3)

  • venus


    Behave like a brave warrior, and don't escape from me diverting the subject dragging the name of any organization with whom I do not have any connection.

    I am a lone female, ready to take on all you atheists. I challenge you.

  • ctrwtf

    Religion is a belief. Mathematics are facts based on reality. I call false equivalancy.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Prove a god exists... You cannot...

    Define what a god is... You cannot...

    If a god exists and you cannot define/prove it then it might as well not exist for all the good it does us.

    We know maths exists because we can use it to quantify observations of our environment. This is testable and has a proven track record of accuracy. We also know the Earth is not flat because we can see it isn't. It does not matter what some people may or may not say about it.

    You're analogies are awful and have no bearing on what you are trying to prove. You might find your time is better spent elsewhere...

  • Alfred
  • TD


    I would agree with you that an either/or argument is a logical fallacy, but I don't think mathematics is the best example to illustrate it.

    Mathematics is an exact science. It is arguably the only exact science, as the proof of a mathematical mistake is mathematics itself.

    Other sciences rely on external proofs and questions of philosophy, theology, etc., often can't be proven at all.

  • _Morpheus

    And to further echo the points made by others, your anology is terribly flawed.

    You seem to assume that “math” or ”mathematics” is a set of established facts taught by wrote and that you can compare god to those facts in so much as god is a set of facts and that an innacurate teacher could misrepresent the facts but not change them.

    math is the study of objects and their relationships. There are accepted premises and those proofs are demonstrated and demonstrable.... but the field of math and mathematics is ever growing and ever evolving.

    God has no proofs, nothing that can be demonstrated or demonstrable. Nothing that can be successfully tested and, as every math teacher says every class “show your work”.

    Belief in god is all feeling and intuition.

    Prove otherwise and i will believe.

  • Vanderhoven7

    When pointing out the consistent failure of the WT leadership to interpret Bible prophecy correctly, the two visiting JWs asked My son who is a college professor if he ever made mistakes when teaching. My son replied that if he consistently made mistakes like that he would be fired for incompetence.

    However, even if the WT is wrong about God, does not mean someone else is or may be right.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    I see a straw man argument.

    Many people point to the irrationality in the depiction of God by the religions and their scriptures, hence jump into the bottomless pit of atheism.

    Most atheists became atheists first, based on the complete and utter lack of evidence that any gods actually exist. Only after that do they start pointing at the very much flawed, inconsistent and contradicting ideas about gods as a very strong indicator that no gods have revealed themselves to mankind.

    It is like saying our Earth doesn't have a second Moon. Not because your friend insists that this Second Moon is green or because his ideas contradict your neighbors idea that Second Moon is red, but because there is zero evidence a Second Moon exists.

    And now you try to say that since it's possible the Second Moon is purple instead of red or green, I am wrong for thinking it doesn't exist at all? Yeah, no thanks.

    The fact that there (theoretically) may be gods who are not even dreamt up in any current religious beliefs makes that their (theoretical) existence has even less impact on our lives than all the man made concepts of gods. In other words: why should we care about any gods that are unable or unwilling to present themselves in a compelling way?

  • carla

    I think you are also missing the point to believers that if one claims to speak for the Almighty God you damn well better get it right!

    If you insist that your way, your doctrine, your belief is the only way, the only hope of any sort of salvation because you have some special pipeline to God, then you cannot make mistakes and blame it on human flaw. If you claim to be God's mouthpiece on Earth and you truly were you wouldn't make a mistake would you?

    If you truly had any kind of blessing from God you would not care about scrutiny because everything you said would be right and true. The jw's do not allow scrutiny of any sort, what does that tell you?

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