If mathematics teacher made a mistake, would it mean mathematics itself is wrong!

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  • scratchme1010
    Many people point to the irrationality in the depiction of God by the religions and their scriptures, hence jump into the bottomless pit of atheism.

    Here we go again with people treating atheism as if it's another religion. Right off the bat, you're wrong. I for once, as well as many others, didn't "jump into" anything simply because I believe that the Bible is a completely useless book full of bullshit. BTW, believing in God and believing in the bible are not the same thing.

    In either camp, God is not a factor because religion is only a means that misrepresents God, hence religionists themselves are atheists (literally, those who live without God). It is like saying there exists no earth because you found out your friend who taught earth is flat is wrong; or it is like saying mathematics itself is wrong because you found out your mathematics teacher made a mistake. Mathematics exists whether mathematics teachers understand it or not.

    That is just so badly reasoned at so many levels! I could go on and on and on over that nonsense salad you just tossed at this forum, but I think that a good start is to simply Google the term "faulty logic". Another good term to research is "simplistic reasoning". Start with those and then take a look at your post again.

  • Fisherman

    I was told that Jose Feliciano, a Hispanic singer that was born blind, fathered about six children. ( I figure that the other senses without sight can stimulate sexual feelings; maybe sound, or smell, or taste, or touch.) But how can a seeing person prove to a blind man that the beauty of a woman exists? He has to see for himself to understand what it means.

  • venus

    One group agreed with the OP directly and other group agreed with the OP indirectly by diverting the subject into unrelated subjects such as what should be a flawless analogy?, Who created the designer?’ (a question that has already been answered by science when it said ‘energy cannot be created nor destroyed’ which also means more important conscious energy such as souls and Supreme Soul cannot have beginning nor end), … etc.

    To get the proof one needs only to look within. There you find a conscious presence which is the substratum for all the elements of your body, its organ systems, thinking, intelligence and memories…etc. This conscious presence is the conscious energy that created your body. This conscious energy (which cannot be created or destroyed, hence has no beginning and no end) is your true nature, and this true nature is the nature of no birth and no death. My body is like a universe in miniature in which the soul is its creator, and also its king (who can temporarily be overshadowed by ego, a sense of false identity of who I am). This structure is typical of the big universe outside.

  • Fisherman
    To get the proof one needs only to look within. There you find a conscious presence ..

    That is all imagination and poetry. Proof is something external that is objective and can be perceived by the senses -empirical. God is the supreme moral authority that governs, judges and rewards conduct and actions. Without justice, God would not need to exist.

  • venus

    You believe only what your senses tell you to believe? Do you think that your senses are of any use without its substratum—the consciousness? By definition, there is a lot that scientists don’t know, because the whole point of science is to explore the unknown. Everyone, including any scientist, experiences the truthfulness of what we all say “I” exist. We are not something just mechanical; we are alive. Scientist can divide me into parts; then put back all those parts, but I will not be found there [yet we know that “I” exists] because I am not a mechanical device, I am not just parts accumulated and arranged. Something more is there, more than all the parts – that something cannot be missed out. Analysis can know the material, not the spiritual. I am spirit, and body is my vehicle because body is silent and inert, but I feel the full force of my personality and even the voice of “I” within me. So I am the conscious energy which uses this body as its vehicle. In other words, conscious energy makes use of senses—not the other way around i.e. senses cannot know the spirit.

    We know the limitation of our senses in our daily life. Seeing cards arranged as a pyramid is the work of our sense--eye, and to see also the forces acting in various directions, nullifying each other thus making the pyramid shape takes something other than physical sense. Similarly, our sense eye can see a seed, yet it takes something else other than physical sense to see also within it the invisible program in which all the future generations remains protected.

    This aspect is practiced by everyone. For example, evolutionists talk about natural selection — a process that only works by re-shuffling existing genetic information — which means it is supposed to add the massive amounts of new information that are required to get the complexity we see today from a simple single-celled organism over millions of years. How do you get from simple pond scum to highly complex people without adding massive amounts of new genetic information? Whose senses saw this happening millions of years ago?

    Atheists also go beyond the scope of senses. To make a claim that no God exists atheists must have unlimited knowledge of this universe. What the atheist is fundamentally saying is that he has infinite knowledge of this universe to affirm that there exist no being with infinite knowledge. I agree with Richard Feynman (Nobel Prize winner for quantum electrodynamics) who said, "Why nature is mathematical is a mystery...The fact that there are rules at all is a kind of miracle." That’s out there.

    What about things within us? Among other things, DNA code fills me with astonishment. We all know that someone who writes an instruction manual does so with purpose. In every cell of our bodies there exists a very detailed instruction code, much like a computer program. The DNA code in each of our cells is made up of four chemicals that scientists abbreviate as A, T, G, and C. DNA is a three-billion-lettered program telling the cell to act in a certain way. It is a full instruction manual. One has to ask....how did this information program wind up in each human cell? These are not just chemicals. These are chemicals that instruct that code in a very detailed way exactly how the person's body should develop. Natural, biological causes are completely lacking as an explanation when programmed information is involved. You cannot find instruction, precise information like this, without someone intentionally constructing it.

    That someone is the soul within.

  • cofty
  • cofty

    Venus your ignorance of evolution makes sensible conversation impossible.

    You have never read a science book in your entire life have you? You get your factoids from your BK cult resources.

    Maybe somebody has the time and patience to help educate you. I don't but you could start here...

    Evolution is a Fact - Parts 1 - 40...

  • Onager

    You infer from the "simple" universe of the human body, the complex greater universe because the conscious energy that creates one must infer a greater conscious energy creating the other?

    Ignoring for a moment the complete lack of evidence for this inference, this line of reasoning relies on the decreasing complexity of creation. So, something like this:

    God > Human > Wristwatch

    Whereas science suggests increasing complexity:

    Big Bang > Energy > Matter > Universe > Life > intelligent life > A.I. Robots

    The problem, which you have tried to sidestep but failed, of "who designed the designer" is still very much a problem for you then, because you need something MORE complex than god to design god.

  • snare&racket

    Venus, you are lost. Reach out to your intelligence and reason with logic. Instinct and emotional assumption is far too vulnerable to error. You are talking to exJW’s..... we have already learned this lesson.

    Preach elsewhere.

    Use better analogies.

    Bring us evidence or.........bring us beer 🍺

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Does anyone know if BK embrace the equivalent of "theocratic warfare"?

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