Today is Christmas, and guess what? Witnesses's were going house to house on my block, TODAY ON CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

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    Yes, how rude!!! Why would anyone want to talk about Jesus on Christmas???.....Shadow

    Anyone Who Enjoys Christmas..

    Doesn`t Want to Listen to JWs "Piss On Christmas"..

    Especially On Christmas Day...


    ...........CHRISTMAS IS PAGAN...................JESUS WASN`T BORN ON CHRISTMAS..

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  • jwfacts
    JWs success comes from preying on the vulnerable, and Christmas is a good day to find at home depressed and lonely people that don't have family to spend the day with.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Classless. That's one day that JW's should just leave people alone, let them have their good time.
  • talesin
  • LongHairGal

    I was a half-hearted Witness and felt like a total ass out in service as it was because I wasn't convinced of the message or even if I should be doing it.

    Maybe in the early years I was dragged out in service on a holiday and I felt very uncomfortable bothering people with the religion's garbage.

    This did not feel right, and I vowed never to do this again.

  • shadow
    The true spirit of Christmas . . .

    The true spirit of Christmas.....Shadow

    Not tolerating "JW Assholes" on a Happy Family Occasion..

    It Totally Sucks for JW Assholes..

  • blondie
    The only jws I saw go out on Christmas were pioneers behind on their time.
  • KateWild

    We went out Xmas day. We weren't being rude though. We were being friendly and doing what we thought was loving and caring.

    The householders on the doors were pleasant to us and my kids when they were younger.

    Now if they came to me I wouldn't condem them. I would be pleasant and tell my story. JWs in general are nice and care, they are just indoctrinated.

    Kate xx

  • shadow
    Thank you Kate for providing a voice of reason! Your experiencew was similar to mine. Even got invited to join ttheir holiday meal several times

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