Today is Christmas, and guess what? Witnesses's were going house to house on my block, TODAY ON CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

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  • carla

    For those who can't understand why it is rude as hell- First off you were not invited to even be knocking on their door, secondly on Christmas people are busy with their families creating loving memories and do not want jw's interrupting that family time, thirdly, how would jw's react if a bunch of folks showed up to picket or even silently pray for jw's at the kh on their reject Jesus memorial day? they would be hopping mad, think it rude and in all likelihood call the police.

    They are not out doing what they think is right trying to save the world, they are out trying to get their time in and look extra pious in the eyes of other jw's at the k-hell.

    Perhaps they should keep it up because on Monday when everybody is back to work they will tell how some @$$%@^$ jw showed up while company was there trying to convert them away from Jesus on the day many celebrate to commemorate the birth of Jesus. I can hardly imagine being a jw and walking past the sign in someones yard " Jesus is the reason for the season" and still having the nerve to knock on Christmas.

  • Vidiot
    Even back when I was still in and (more or less) a believer, I thought D2D work on "worldly" holidays was in very poor taste.
  • honest

    Of course it's rude.

    Even as a active witness I was vocal about witnessing on Christmas day is wrong.

    Then you'd get the elitist jw saying well Christmas is pagan and we don't respect that holiday so to us it's just another day and if the householder gets upset he is upset with Jehovah.

    Any jehovah's witness that goes door knocking on that day deserves a dose of "persecution ". I know how they really think of those celebrating Christmas. I just experienced a judgemental lashing from jw's on the worldlies celebrating pagan holidays on how they deserve no respect from us.

    The ones knocking on your doors on Christmas day are there judging you.

  • talesin

    The people I've known, and have been friends and family with for over 3 decades, would agree with Carla's comments. There would be 2 distinct reactions; (1) explain it is not a good time, but they would be welcome in for a hot drink, or kindly turned away, or (2) WTF? Who the hell do you think you are? I know all about your cult - get off my doorstep, NOW!

    Either way, I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me. Not at Xmas, but other Monday mornings. Especially after they started Wednesday evening FS....... oh, and Saturday mornings? ahahaha I know, I did it, too. Oh, the shame!

    on Monday when everybody is back to work they will tell how some @$$%@^$ jw showed up while company was there

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