Witness Royalty and the last day at the "Towers"

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Witness Royalty

    That term reminds me of when I was in Bethel back in the late 70's. All of us regular Bethelites used to walk everywhere or use our meager earning to ride the subway or bus to meetings. Often, we'd be coming home from meeting after 10pm in bad neighborhoods and in freezing NY winter weather. It was ironic, in view of how we were all supposed to be equal in Jehovah's eyes, to be huddled under an umbrella in the sleet and rain and see the higher ups being driven in long black town cars, to their meetings. On meeting nights, you'd see the town cars coming out of the garage one by one.

    One time I was on my way to meeting and a group of us were standing on a street corner huddled up under our umbrellas in the driving rain. I saw my housekeeper (a black sister married to a white higher up) sitting in the back of one such town car, with her husband. The car was waiting for the light to change and when our eyes met she looked ashamed and leaned back so that her face was shielded by the door frame. The car drove off leaving us all in the rain and a long subway ride to the meeting.

    Knowing her, I knew she was a humble person who came from very humble beginnings and wound up going places once she got to Bethel. I got the sense that she would have been more comfortable being with us on the street than she was with being driven around like a celebrity. I didn't have a problem with it but it came as a surprise to me that even though we were told to "keep our eyes simple", the individuals who were telling us that, were living quite high on the hog.

  • Fisherman
    a black sister married to a white ( back in the 70's ) higher up

    Only a couple of interracial back in the 70s and these guys were not so higher up.

    were living quite high on the hog.


    By gleaming leftovers from the tables at lunch ?

  • steve2

    Fisherman, your faithfully predictable jibes are noted. He who watches over everything has not missed a thing. I even hear your rebellious outreach - athough frowned upon by the GB - is appreciated higher up.

    A toast to you.

    Keep it up.

  • Dunedain

    Indeed, I can personally attest to seeing firsthand the "Witness royalty", the "inner circles", and smugness that can and does come with it.

    I was born and raised into one of the more, if not most, financially "well off" congregations in NYC. 20 minutes outside of Brooklyn Bethel. There were many Bethelites that were sent off, and distributed to the many congregations within the 5 boroughs of NYC. The "higher ups" would fight and die to try to get the "privilege" of being assigned to my old congregation.

    They knew they were going to get nice "green" handshakes, and flourished with gifts, and such. The ex prez, and GB member, Henschel was actually at my, now ex wifes, bridal shower. My wealthy, ex MIL would stuff his, and other GBs pockets so much, that they would keep sniffing around for more and more.

    I seen firsthand the Elders, and their wives, that had money, and who they thought they were. How they snobbed around, and cliqued together. I sat at the Head tables at Bethel, and saw how whatever, crusty old GB member that was present for that days morning worship, was OOOHHH and AAAAHHH to death. He would have his younger, by sometimes decades, wife sitting next to him, like a perfect little princess, as he spooned all his food up into a giant glob of mush.

    The jokes on all of them, though. They are rulers of an empire of dirt. Of fake smiles, and faked emotions. Rulers of the superficial, and keepers of phony subjects. Most of the more wealthier elders, and their families, from my old congregation, are burnt out now, and many even left the Borg. The congregation, which at one time, was bursting at the seams with people, has now been combined with 2 other congregations, due to lack of publishers.

    The crusty old, hacks at Bethel, have mostly died, and withered away, penniless and forgotten. These "elite inner circles" change, and fade, and then new ones take their place, but its all the same old phonies. All pretending they have the answers, and hold the keys, but they are polishing the brass on a sinking ship, and trust me, they go home miserable, most nights.

  • Fisherman
    I even hear your rebellious outreach

    You misrepresent what I post, Steve: I don't aim to please, I just aim.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Only a couple of interracial back in the 70s and these guys were not so higher up.

    High enough up so as to be driven in a new black Lincoln Town Car to the meeting. These cars were said to have been donated by a JW with a car dealership. I sat at the GB table for all of my meals and my congregation was near Central Park so enjoyed getting away from there a few days a week and getting out among those living a real life. The problem I had with the town cars is that we were told not to stumble others by making a showy display of wealth. I can only imagine what the Brooklyn Heights neighbors must have thought when they saw those cars full of humble servants of Jehovah,coming and going in their gleaming black cars. The other problem I had with it was the fact that your work assignment had to be at a certain level before you had access to a car and driver. If they were donated, why was it only a select few who used them? Those of us who did the actual work, certainly weren't included.

    The sister I spoke of, seemed embarrassed about it as if she was some sort of "sell out". She was a housekeeper but her husband was in a position of "Bethel Prestige" so she by virtue of his position, she had moved up a notch or two. Her "fleshly" Sister was a Bethelite as well but was single so she was down on the street and out in the weather with the rest of us.

    By gleaming leftovers from the tables at lunch ?

    Pretty much everyone gleaned after meals so they had something to snack on later. I'm talking about larger rooms with views of the city, more vacation time, air conditioned work space, travel to speaking engagements paid for by the donations of others who may not have been able to travel themselves....and of course, access to a town car and driver when needed.

  • sir82

    I never saw any inner circles about anything except doing more work.


    Well we know who wasn't in the inner circle.

  • Gorbatchov

    I hate this cult more and more.


  • Fisherman
    I hate this cult more and more.

    Then base your hate on information that is accurate and that truly represents the facts.

    The only person I know that had a big car and it wasn't black or a towns car was NHK and he did not even want it, he wanted to take public transportation like everybody else but forced him to have it because we did not want the President of the wt to be walking around taking public transportation and it was a gift. The only enjoyment he got from the car was that it was a gift and that it gave the bros joy to see him in it. No royalty at bb except after being there 20 or more years you got seniority.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I remember their driving Oldsmobile 98s, back in the early '70s. I was surprised that the one I looked into had crank windows!

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