Witness Royalty and the last day at the "Towers"

by Lynnie 51 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • LV101

    Lynnie - great topic and thanks for starting it! It's so interesting for anyone that's been associated with JWs to read about "bb". I associated with 2 Bethelite couples and heard a little bit - should have stayed around longer to hear more. Actually, they've tried to stay in contact but I assumed it was to rein me back in to the cult so I duck.

    I hate the slave labor/lack of adequate transportation and the entire echelon WT has going on and the sods at the top living in splendor. Central Park's congregation of wealth should have helped the workers out rather than the GB losers! I had no idea the GB members were married to young gals! Unreal - I think the world of regular, normal, JWs would be appalled. I'd heard the black gals from Puerto Rico would hook/crook their way to bb to catch a husband. You boys were in some kind of demand!

    You all deserve settlements for slave labor!

  • fulano

    What I wondered the other day, how much do the bethelites in Warwick have to travel now to their congregations. I mean, in BB it was awfull but in Warwick it must be hours of travelling. In Patterson it was not that bad because we had not that many workers, besides that we were assigned to a Spanish congregation.

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