Witness Royalty and the last day at the "Towers"

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  • Lynnie

    My uber elder cousin and his wife got the "privilege" of having one last "toast" of wine at the rooftop garden at the Towers in NYC since the JW's are vacating to Warwick. His oldest daughter and son in law are quite high up in the inner circle so they get invited to all the "inner circle" activities. Even though they aren't supposed to toast to anything it was pretty darn close. Saw it on Instagram!




  • sir82

    I was once at the fringe of joining the outer circles of JW-elitism.

    As a young elder, I started getting on the circuit assembly rotation pretty regularly. After one CA, I was invited to the DO apartment at the Assembly Hall for drinks/snacks with the DO, CO, and various circuit "heavies".

    I remember thinking at the time "I should be impressed by all this" but mainly I just felt awkward & out of place.

    Not long afterward, I moved several hundred miles away, never got back on the CA rotation, and became just another schlub again.

    But anyways, my point, and I do have one, is that there are definitely inner circles of "elite" JWs. I would imagine the "last drinks at the top of the Towers" group were pretty close to the core of the circles of JW eliteness.

  • steve2

    Radical. What does “pretty darn close” to toasting actually mean in terms of behaviour? Are glasses only held up half way? Do the glasses not quite touch? I’m baffled.

    Isn’t toasting like being pregnant - you either are or aren’t - there’a no in-between?

    That aside, what’s wrong with one last special occasion before leaving? I’ve never heard JWs scorn that.

  • punkofnice

    sir82 - there are definitely inner circles of "elite" JWs

    There are indeed.

    Even my dear departed elder dad (R.I.P.), used to talk of the 'clique' of brothers(tm) that got to do all the prestigious things. He was surprised when he started getting used on circus a$$emb£ies. He was then asked to be a CO. that was about the time he fell ill with cancer so couldn't.

    I wasn't liked by a lot of the elders, one of them told a relative of mine recently. Probably because that particular elder wanted to bone my wife. Annnyyyyywayyyyyyyyyy.

    I noticed that those with money were more likely to get used more and appointed(tm) more swiftly.

    as they say, 'you do the maths'. (We're in the UK so it's maths, not math).


    I'm pretty sure that toasting is forbidden. Something about pagan origins....

    Yet getting tanked at a Super Bowl party is just fine, as long as it's not well known...


  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    A born-in JW twit I knew was the son of a former CO in Canada. The amount of respect and recognition he would receive on account of this from the 'brothers' ™ was beyond explaining. People would grovel and treat him like royalty, disregarding actions that myself as a worldly person wouldn't even want to do or attempt. Can you say double life ? I could write a short story filled with juicy details of my encounter with this guy over the 4-6 year period I knew him.

  • Lynnie

    Couldn't get a screen shot unfortunately. And yes my uber elder cousin has money, just inherited a boat load from his non witness father and is extensively remodeling the family house on Puget Sound. and I'm sure he sends $$ to his daring daughter and SIL for extra things they might need at Bethel/Warwick. Even though the daughter and SIL fly all over the world checking on the different branches and telling them how to remodel or build their KH's. A few years ago they went to India because they were looking for a cheaper place to print the publications. Guess they don't need to worry about that anymore either since there are practically no publications.

  • fulano

    CO's and family mean very little in the org. I have seen it, the way missionaries in branch-positions talk about them.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    The term "Witness Royalty" hits the nail fairly on the head, There is such a thing all-right, or at least those that think they fit into that category!

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