Witness Royalty and the last day at the "Towers"

by Lynnie 51 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • steve2

    Lynnie, sorry if I come across as critical (and can understand getting dislikes) but you provide a lot of very detailed information about your cousin's life that would likely identify you to those who know him. That may or may not be an issue for you. I've got no reason to doubt you at all.

    However, correct me if I have got this wrong, it does sound like you are not concerned about his finding you are posting details of his life online.

    We've often said to posters be careful what you post about your life or the lives of others you know - especially on a publically accessible forum.

  • Lynnie

    I understand what you are saying, I've been strongly shunned for 40 years so I'm not sure it would matter. Sometimes I think I would like others to know if they do know him. Probably not the best plan. But it really doesn't matter now, water under the bridge for sure.

  • steve2

    Thanks Lynnie. I get what you're saying. Best steve.

  • Lynnie

    Thanks for the gentle advice however.

  • scratchme1010
    My uber elder cousin and his wife got the "privilege" of having one last "toast" of wine at the rooftop garden at the Towers in NYC since the JW's are vacating to Warwick. His oldest daughter and son in law are quite high up in the inner circle so they get invited to all the "inner circle" activities. Even though they aren't supposed to toast to anything it was pretty darn close. Saw it on Instagram!

    I think it's just human nature to have some kind of closure to something that has been there for them for over a hundred years.

    Good that they get their closure.

  • Fisherman
    to all the "inner circle" activities.

    Well.... take going up to the towers roof, most JW have never been up there but if you were at bb, no big deal to go up there a thousand times. But to go to bb is a lot of work and sacrifice only to go up to towers roof. There ain't no inner circles about anything except doing more work and going to dozen of hours of meetings. Going to the Gilead grad was a special privilege and going to the annual meeting and studying the wt mag study article on Monday nights also. Hours and hours of a special program. I never saw any inner circles about anything except doing more work.

  • Dreamerdude

    Lynnie, I find your posts about wt royalty to be fascinating, since as a common minion I haven't hobnobbed with that type. It highlights the narcissism and elitism at watchtower's rotten core. It might be amusing if the showboating of your cousin's wealthy husband became the hot topic at the Warwick monastic breakfast table.

    I also appreciate the courage of former Bethelites, CO s, Missionaries and other former ranking members to share the cult experience from their perspectives.

  • slimboyfat

    I wonder if they'll mention the farewell party in the Yearbook.

    Oh yeah, no Yearbook.

    It's like last orders on the Titanic.

    Did they invite the GB to the party?

    Or are they too busy heading for the lifeboats?

  • waton

    The inner circles, are mashing with outer circles that have the wealth to make it happen, may be not on this roof rumble overlooking Manhattan, but if you could latch onto the inner wt circle after an assembly you might be astounded the splendor you see meshing at the periphery.

  • Fisherman
    farewell party in the ( now defunct) Yearbook.

    If there was one party, there were thousands. There were thousands of Bethelites and friends going up there one last time. But don't picture everyone excluded and a select few special people going up there one last time at an elite event.

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