2017 Convention Video To Be Shown Regarding The 1975 Failure

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  • Chook

    As said previously its George Orwell 1984 ,WT rewriting history. The disappointment that these one who took it seriously and sold homes and left jobs must be horrendous. The whole problem with WT it's like a broken clock which is right twice a day , the only problem is that it's stuck on the eleventh hour ,it's a doomsday clock with the GB relating the time each day. They are lying bastards regarding 1975 as pale has pointed out.


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    There was a World Wide group of Renegade JW`s, the Watchtower had no control over.

    They numbered in the millions and Preached Armageddon by 1975..

    They were impossible to stop, it went on for years!..

    After 1975..

    The Renegade JW`s disappeared, no one has seen them since..

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  • JWdaughter

    I heard that, got a new job that must be nice for you guys you're both working and jobs you like I bet he's still working hard to get his degree. Do you know of anyone who has an apartment condo or home to rent out for 900 or less or looking to downsize of it and yeah are you doing anything exciting this week?

  • steve2

    It was not unheard of in my home congregation for brothers and sisters to take out loans and/or make hire purchases on the understanding they wouldn't need to repay because we'd be in the new system.

    Now that particular aspect I do not think was ever mentioned and/or endorsed in JW literature. But it was "bolstered" by the prevailing survive til 75 thinking promoted by the organization.

  • careful

    Thanks for the OP and the insightful comments. Yes, some things must be motivating the production and display of this vid.

  • OrphanCrow


    So that is what the '75 fiasco was.

    A test.

    It was a test. A frigging test.

    For a god that is supposed to be able to see into a person's heart, Jah sure likes to waste time in playing games.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    I'm at work so I haven't had a chance to read all the posts here.

    After watching the video my opinion is that they are not looking to set up another date. It seems to me that they are actually doing the opposite.

    There are now grandparents in the org that truly believed Armageddon would arrive before they finished school.

    This video is aimed directly at those of us born in the 60's and 70's who lived through the 1975 foolishness and the overlapping generation foolishness.

    The message I'm hearing is, ' you now have to face the fact that you will grow old and die'.

  • steve2

    The message I'm hearing is, ' you now have to face the fact that you will grow old and die'.

    You credit JW organization with too much decency if you think that's the message they are conveying. Perhaps inadvertently it's the message - but that message will only be picked up by those who possess still-active brain cells. others will mindlessly stumble on.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    We came "in" about 10 years after the '75 "test" and were told that the ones who left because the big Amogetcha didn't show up were not WORTHY, for crap's sake. They were the CHAFF that didn't deserve all the goodies Jehovah is gonna sprinkle over the good kiddies. So of course we bought all that BS and kept on enjoying our wonderful new friends, congratulating ourselves on being smarter than those sad losers who left Jehovah just because he was making them wait longer for the new system.

    What I'm wondering about 1975 being a convention topic now is, what if it's just to deliberately change the main criticism from the way they allow children to be sexually abused, to how wrong they were about 1975, and how they've never apologized for the way it affected people, etc. They might be applying some sneaky P.R. advice to swing the river over into another channel and hope the most damaging topic gets buried.

  • longgone

    What low-down pathetic liars! There should be a picture of the Governing Body and the old Watchtower sign from Brooklyn next the definitions of lies and deception in every dictionary.

    I looked some up and here's few things that fit them like a glove. They lie compulsively, they do so out of habit, it's their normal and reflexive way of answering questions. It's second nature​ and they're sociopathic manipulators too, with no conscience whatsoever.

    Another group of JW's who will fall for this is the really young ones. Even the not so young, like those just a few years before me and I'm 58. They didn't live through it like so many of us. My younger siblings didn't understand it because they were not even teenagers yet. By the time they were, the emphasis on 1975 was over and done. They haven't read any of the excerpts posted above, they have no clue! They are going to soak up this video deception hook, line and sinker. I could write for an hour on this subject but I need to calm down. I'm going to go meditate for an hour. Such a sinister cult. 😣

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