Witnesses killed my friend today.

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  • Gorbatchov
    What a tragedy, so sorry! The policy is so wrong. This is institutional killing.
  • Scully

    How incredibly tragic. I can't even put my rage into words.

  • Scully

    I've said this before, and I'll say it again now:

    In the more than 50 years since blood transfusions were banned by the WTS, the very first concession came about when clotting factors were permitted for hemophilia. By and large, the most serious form of hemophilia affects males, because it is carried on the Y chromosome. So the lives of JW men are spared - wonderful news.

    Except: published medical studies have shown that pregnant women among Jehovah's Witnesses are more than 40 times more likely to die in childbirth due to an obstetrical hemorrhage than non-JW women (5.2% versus 0.12%).

    By maintaining the blood transfusion ban, despite the overwhelming statistical risks to the health and safety of women in an obstetrical hemorrhage emergency, the WTS demonstrates its complete and utter disdain for the lives of women and children among its members. If MEN were dying in childbirth, changing this policy would be a top priority for the misogynists who run the show.

  • Vidiot

    paul from cleveland - "...I imagine they're working on a plan to drop the policy without backlash or new round of lawsuits."

    Don't bet on it.

    Dropping the policy would virtually guarantee backlash and lawsuits.

  • Giordano

    I found this source for the death rate for women:


    A study published in BJOG has found that women who are Jehovah’s witnesses face a significantly increased risk of death during childbirth. The study found that women in this group are six times more likely to die, and three times more likely to have morbidity (serious complications), than average (compared to the general Dutch population). This increase includes a 130 fold increased risk of death from major obstetric haemorrhage.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    So sorry to hear of this new mother loosing her life due to the JW blood doctrine!

    The Governing Body Of Jehovah's Witnesses are guilty of murder. The only thing standing in the way of the GB doing away of this murderous doctrine is their love of $$$ and their fear of loosing it!

  • talesin
    Thinking of you today, WasOnceBlind. I don't know your day-to-day, if you had to work, whatever. Take care of yourself. xx tal
  • Vidiot

    JW GoneBad - "...The only thing standing in the way of the GB doing away of this murderous doctrine is their love of $$$ and their fear of losing it."


    Can't have all those willing lab rats for their multi-million-dollar "bloodless" med-tech industry suddenly up and quit, after all.

  • Phizzy

    To me, there is no difference between the Governing Body and those who pull their strings, than the leadership of the Nazi Machine at the end of WW2.

    The Nazis then knew full well that there war was over, that there political experiment had failed, but they still went on killing, not just opposing soldiers, but civilians, old men, women, babies the lot. They carried on killing.

    The JW Org's leadership knows their blood nonsense is exactly that, and yet they go on murdering.


  • oppostate

    I'm so sorry to hear of this needless tragedy--my condolences and sympathy.

    If the figures are correct and one in a thousand JW moms die giving birth that's eight thousand (8,000!) needless deaths they are responsible for.

    These Governing Body Seven have blood on their hands by allowing these idiotic doctrines of Joseph Rutherford to be taught as God's requirements. May the weight of their error fall upon them!

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