My Letter to the Elders in My Late Father's Congregation

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  • SwordOfJah


    I am responding to this thread because you gave me the opportunity in another thread. Let me start by saying that I recognized the names you mention in the letter. I personally know the Cicuit Overseer and I was very surprised to read his response to your father. Although it's hard to judge him since I don't know exactly how the conversation went. But, I AM very sorry for your loss. Your dad seems like a man trying to do the right thing while circumstances were tough. Please be assured that Jehovah loves your dad and will not forget him. I also lost one of my parents, and it is very comforting to think of the hug I'm going to give him, when I welcome him in the resurrection. I'm sure you have thought of the day, you welcome him back. Like you say in the letter, if the elders mistreated your dad, they WILL have to answer to Jehovah. I pray that Jehovah comforts you during this time.

  • Valis
    Please be assured that Jehovah loves your dad and will not forget him. I also lost one of my parents, and it is very comforting to think of the hug I'm going to give him, when I welcome him in the resurrection. I'm sure you have thought of the day, you welcome him back.

    That is delusion at its best...not only does he speak for his Jehovah, but he tries to take a stab at Nina for not believing in the physical ressurection espoused by JWland.



    District Overbeer

  • cruzanheart

    That's okay, Valis -- I asked for his opinion! But thank you, fair knight! And, SOJ, thank you for being kind about the situation. I appreciate that. As for the resurrection, as I mentioned he "professed to be of the anointed" as the saying goes, so he may be in heaven. He may not be. I don't know. But the more I read the Bible the more I realize that we need to concentrate on our conduct here on earth and trust in God regarding the future. We can have the "assured expectation of things hoped for" but only God knows the future. And, fortunately, I have never thought that God was irretrievably tied to the people who claim to be His witnesses, so my relationship with Him has gotten better since I left.


  • freedom96


    I had read your letter until today, and I am sure you made an impression. Hopefully somewhere in the hearts of the elders, and if not, maybe at least in the hearts of some that you sent the letter to.

    Sounds like your dad was a great guy, and it is sad that this organization as a whole does not have a support system, and all too often there is no one willing to take time with dear ones in the hall. Those are the types that I certainly would not wish to be around.

    From what I have learned and read since the witness days, one day you will certainly be reunited with your dad. What a joy that will bring to your heart. He is being looked after now.

  • little witch
    little witch


    I am so sorry to hear of your father's passing....

    I can't imagine the anger you must feel. How cold hearted they are. Bastards!

    Personally, I believe in Jesus, as Lord, and that your Dad is with him right now, at peace, happy, and free! Anyone who died trying so hard to find God has surely found the comfort he sought.

    Good for you, for telling those idiots the truth!

  • Sadie5

    Dear cruzanheart,

    I have not read your letter about your Dad until today. First let me say how sorry I am for the way your father was treated.

    I know the Circuit Overseer you mention.(William Osbeck) He served in Oklahoma too. It was because of his treatment toward me that led to me to start investigating the internet and X-JWs. This in turn led to the freedom from the borg for my whole family.


    PS. this thread needs to be activated more so new ones will see it.

  • cruzanheart

    Thanks, guys! I appreciate your kind thoughts. This letter has traveled more than I have, and, as an interesting postscript, I received an e-mail from a distant cousin (whom I've never met) who was doing genealogy research and typed in "Bibbee." He pulled up a GERMAN and English translation of my letter!!! We've been e-mailing family info back and forth, and it's been pretty cool. (My dad came from a very large family, and he was the youngest of 9 children.)

    I'm thrilled that the subject is receiving so much attention, because if it will help just one person avoid what Dad went through then he will have accomplished yet one more good thing. He really was a good elder, the kind you could call at 2:00 a.m. and who would really listen and give advice from the heart. He stood up for Big Tex when no one else did and got blackballed for it, but he knew he was doing the right thing. He wasn't the world's best dad, but he wasn't the worst either.

    And, naturally, I haven't had an answer to my letter from either the elders at Preston Park, the C.O., or Brooklyn. Not that I'm pining . . .


  • shamus

    I am sorry too about your loss. It would be interesting to see if they do actually reply. Probably not.

    If only your pain could go away.... they have hurt so many.

    Thank goodness for this board, and all the wonderful people here that support those in need!

  • Yerusalyim

    My sympathy for your loss, my congratulations for your courage.

  • rocketman


    I think it helps that this thread was reactivated upon your invitation for SOJ's opinion. Indeed, perhaps a few more folks will read it for the first time.

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