My Letter to the Elders in My Late Father's Congregation

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  • Cassiline

    Nina and Chris

    I am so saddened to hear of your father’s treatment, how awful for you to be pulled in so many directions at once. Your being afraid of causing more "spiritual" harm for your father by speaking on his behalf just tears me apart. I can’t imagine what you must have been feeling. I can not imagine the grief which you experienced which was so apparent in your letter. Your pain and more so your fathers was unwarranted and appalling. I could not agree with Hillary_Step more when he made this statement:

    Personally, I am ashamed that I was ever a part of such a system, let alone that I once supported it.

    A hopping mad – HS

    I know I can say with utmost confidence your anger is warranted and I hope appreciated by those men who are heartless.

    I use to attend a congregation not far from you and personally know 2 of the elders you mentioned. It saddens me greatly that those men were so callous towards your father. I can only hope that your well written heart felt words reach at least one of them.

    Please accept my condolences. Know that you both are in my thoughts.



  • teejay

    Powerful letter. Can't add anything to what's already been said but as a Dad, I'll say I bet your Pops would be proud as hell of his little girl. And nice to see that a JW was willing to admit to the truth and make a change. Your letter was worth it.

    Good for you, Nina.

  • cruzanheart

    Thanks, teejay. It felt really GOOD to write it and send it. And I think it says a lot about their lack of spine (like poor Mr. Loopner from Saturday Night Live) that NO ONE has called me or come by since I sent it.


  • teejay


    You know... your letter reminded me of the time years ago when they changed what "sacred service" meant. Remember that? Sacred service could mean, not just field service, but anything you did in your service to god. Cutting an older sister's yard or ranking her leaves was considered sacred service, too. Remember that?

    Didn't last long. We breathed a sigh of relief on Saturday morning because field service didn't mean so much. What Upper Management quickly discovered is that it's hard to quantify those hours spent helping people (like cutting yards or doing their shopping) in the same way that you can count the number of hours you spend in field service or on a bible study. It wasn't long before the Corporation's leaders saw the effect that this new understanding had on the sales ... uh... I mean "placements" and the dip in the Corporation's bottom line – so the old "understanding" about sacred service soon came back stronger than ever.

    That's why they are so debased in their treatment of people, though. It's all about the numbers... not about the people.

  • bsmart

    This is a powerful thread and needs to be read by all the lurkers and newer members!!! It hit me like a ton of bricks.

  • GOrwell

    me too.. what a powerful letter... marked...

  • 30 years out
    30 years out


    My sincerest condolences for what you, your father, and your family have been through. It is truly disgusting that this passes for agape.

    Your letter is a heartfelt and eloquent indictment of the corrupt, vile, and evil system devised and perpetuated by these soulless and heartless men. Unfortunately it will not reach them in any meaningful way, because they have no capacity for compassion or any other quality commonly ascribed to their god.

    The only positive you can hope for here is that someone who may be on the way to becoming a victim of this organization will be saved the trouble. Make sure everyone who can possibly see it doe so.

    Take Good Care of Yourself:


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