My Letter to the Elders in My Late Father's Congregation

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  • Shutterbug

    Dear Nina,

    We are about to move to a smaller, nearby town in which the elders, for the most part, are fellows I've know most of my life. When that happens we are very likely to receive an elders visit even though we've been faded for 20 years. With your permission, I would like to print your letter and read it to these guys. Then I'm going to ask them if they want me to subject my wife and I to that type of treatment.

    Thank you so much for posting this very well written letter. Bug

  • cruzanheart

    Shutterbug, you half-a-Jedi, you are more than welcome to print my letter and show it to anyone you want. It should, if nothing else, buy you about 30 seconds of silence while they consider which canned answer to play. BTW, it was great seeing you again last Saturday! I'm so glad you and your family came!


  • twinkletoes

    Dear Christina

    thank you for sharing your letter with us, it was very moving. I hope you don't mind if I print it out and put it into our file, which is getting bigger every day. Yes, the elders in particular have lots to answer for and one day they will be made to answer to Jehovah for all of their cruel ways.

    We too are at the point of sending our letter which is very hard-hitting (7 pages long) we have taken over one year to get all the info together and we are going to make sure that we "go out in a blaze of glory". It's good that you have made your letter open to ones other than the elders, cos' we know how they quickly slam a "Shunning Order" on ones, in order to keep the rank and file in subjection.

    As others have said, your love for your dad shines through in your letter. He would be very proud of you.

    love from Twink

  • crinklestein

    Every day that I visit this site and read everyone's personal experiences my blood boils hotter and hotter than the day before. This kind of treatment INFURIATES me to the very core. This has me wanting to march to every KH that I know of and plaster your letter on their walls! HOW DARE these a$$holes treat an old man in such a way! I may very well get a copy of your letter and submit it to my local papers as well. This kind of thing MUST be exposed. I fully agree with the Dr Phil, Oprah and local news being notified. THIS is exactly what the WTS needs: SERIOUS exposure of this kind will be very damaging and it will open even more people's eyes to what the "truth" actually is. These heartless sons of bitches.

    You are a very elquent and detailed writer and I commend you on being able to put these very strong feelings down on paper. I know for a fact that this is very theraputic! There is nothing more liberating than telling someone off in written form. You have done a very good job in this and I really do hope that there are some results from this.

    You had said that you had better hide in the closet when the backlash comes from this. All I gotta say is STAND TALL AND PROUD AND DEFIANT! Don't you dare cower in front of these bastards! Condemn them for everything they have ever done and make them know exactly how you feel. Expose them for the modern day Pharisees that they are. I liked the comparison you made. The JW's don't have the flashy robes that the Pharisees did but they do have the flashy robes of arrogance that they decorate themselves with. And they have girded themselves with their seats of power and thirst for nothing spiritual any more.

    I've seen some pretty wrong things where I was but I never had any idea it was this bad everywhere else! I would have finished off the letter with a few more strong words like "I hope you burn for all eternity in hell!" or "May God rot our your eyes and shrivel up your tongue for being the false prohpets that you are." But I think you worded it just fine. :)

    Please please please tell us what the results from this are. You must! ;) I am so very sorry this has happened to you and at least there's us worldly folks that somehow find a way to lend a helping hand, even though we are all in league with Satan. ;) Satan must be a real nice guy if all of us worldly folks have a higher sense of compasion than these supposed People Of God.

  • shera

    Very well written.

    My heart went out to you and your father.((((hugs))))

  • the mole
    the mole

    ***the mole***great letter............................i know bill osbeck personaly...he was in sacramento for along time before given that position.. he is not perfect in anyway.. he was also a part time teacher in a private school for witness and had to leave that jaob for some accusation that arose around him and two of the female staff....sorry for your dad's pain, the double standards set by many members is clearly evident if you keep you eyes open..and in your dads case sound horrible..i wish the best for you...the mole

  • LyinEyes

    Nina, Dr. Phil would tear the WT a new ,,,,,,,,you know what. I would do anything to make them at least be exposed for the cold hearted evil that the WT truly is.

    I would have done anything to know what I do now when my mom did what she did. I wasnt able to be mad at anyone, except myself, and I know now that I wasnt to blame. I am not saying the WT, or the local elders were totally to blame but then again I do strongly believe that they are also bloodguilty.

    I didnt get peace until I realized the how abused she was by being a witness. Everything you said,Nina is almost exactly what happened to my mom, the whole not caring and kicking someone when they are down story. I tell you now, that when I get a chance to speak up , I will not hold back anymore on speaking my mind , and what I think of the "loving brothers, and Jehovah's wonderful organization", just saying those words make me want to puke.

    I am glad Nina you are going thru the feelings of anger , even if it is painful, it will help you to heal, I dont know if you ever truly heal over suicide, I know I havent, but you have to make the person who was so distraught's memory live on. I know I have shared my story with many, and even if my mom is long gone, she still lives in maybe helping someone to not give up. She has me,more times than I can say. I think she is breathing a sigh of relief now that I am out, maybe that is why I feel more peace now. Time does heal wounds, that is true , they say,,,,,,,,but I say,,,,,,, it still leaves an painful scar.

    Nina, you are so strong and brave, and I tell you what , if you ever need someone to stand by you to tell your story or others to tell theirs, you know I would love to help out. Maybe there will not only be Silent Lamb marches, but also marches for these other kinds of silent lambs, like your dad and my mom. I hope they are somewhere together , I really hope there is a heaven, and they are comforted by the fact that we are going to make it,,,,,,we are strong, and we are not going to let their memories die, or let their voices not be heard.
    Please keep me informed if any of the cold hearted bastards try to contact you, I would love to know what they will say....... I am sure it will be anything to divert the blame from themselves, I wonder if they will even try.

    Regardless, you have a voice and there are many more who need to know about how the JW's really treat their so called own. It is nothing short of emotional blackmail and abuse.

    All my love dear Nina, and I know your Dad is sooooooo proud of you. I am too, you are tryly an inspiration.

  • Pistoff

    What a wonderful letter; I hope that someone, anyone, will be moved by it to LEAVE the congregation.

    The congregation is for the most part a sad lie. The warm feeling that I had when I thought about it was really just that, a feeling. When my first son had depression problems and attempted suicide at the thought of being df'd, it was the start of my moving out and I did not even realize it. I would not let those elders within a mile of him; all I needed was for them to tell him that he should study more, he should pray more, that sin made a person despondent.

    When the elders found about my second son's depression, they shrugged their shoulders, said that even he said that he felt better when he was spiritually active, and df'd him for something he was repentent of and had brought to them.

    ELDERS DO NOT RECOGNIZE DEPRESSION AS SERIOUS. To them it is a circumstance of life that happens when you let things pile up on you. All of the attention it was given in the Awake in the 90's was a fluke, and they now view it as a mistake. Last sunday's lesson talks about depression, look it up, it says you should separate your problems, get rest. The next subheading then talks about SERIOUS illness!!

    They are complete bastards. They care nothing for you except that you should be productive and fruitful in the ministry, and make all the meetings. They are the Pharisees, as you said.

    I hope that your letter helped you to make progress, and thanks so much for sharing it with the board.

  • Jade

    ((((((((((Nina & Tex))))))))))

    I am so sorry about your dad. Please know that you are in our prayers.


  • czarofmischief

    Excellent letter. Well written, to the point, and full of fire and venom. I hope it burns their callous hearts.

    Take on the mantle of troublemaker with pride. It has been worn by many good people before you - Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, and will be worn by all those who see a need for change in the system.

    why do you think I chose Pinhead for my avatar? Because I am a hellraiser too!


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