Why Not Just Let It Go?

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  • ikhandi

    I am fairly new to this board, but have been lurking for awhile before I decided to become a registered member. I have read many posts old and new and can't help but wonder why many of you just don't let it go? Some of you have expressed bitterness and disgust over what the wts has done to you. Others make fun of jw's and their cause. Many make insensitve comments about Jehovah and his son Jesus. There have been many who have been on this board for awhile and continue to do all things I have mentioned above. Will there ever come a time where you will say I have had enough with the bashing, I am moving on with my life. How can you call yourself free when you spend so much time talking about your life as a jw? Why not let that part of your life go forever?

  • Maverick

    Its cathartic. Maverick

  • Satanus

    I hope to be able to move on and leave behind the whole wt experience. But i think that it will always be there, in little bits scattered through out my mind. You see i was raised in wt fears, phobias, beatings and stresses. In the meantime, i'm working on releasing and neutralizing this stuff enough, so that i will be able to move on to better things. Informal therapy takes a long time. It could take a few more yrs, but it's not much compared to the 36 yrs (approx) that I was in the wt.


  • FlowerPower

    I would love to "just let go" Except for the fact that they still have some of my kids, I have 6 kids, 3 are "in and 3 are "out" What am I supposed to do just pretend that my other three sons don't exist. Ignore that I have grandchildren. As it is I am only allowed to see them twice every year, but I live for those times. I try to keep in touch with my kids and they want to also but they are afraid of what others will say about them if it is known that they want to associate with me. I do not want to be involved in my kids lives, they are grown now and have their own lives and families, but I do want to be a part of their lives. Occassionally seeing them, sharing a meal and good times like we used to do as a family. Why does it have to be considered a threat the their faith? Is their faith so weak that spending a few hours every once in a while with me will cause them to leave Jehovah. If that it true then they will never make it if the "Great Tribualtion" ever comes along!! If it weren't for my kids I wouldn't ever give that organization another thought, I would just be glad to free of it!

  • minimus

    Would you say the same thing if a child told you that they had been abused? Would you tell a rape victim,"It's been a few years now, can't you get over it?" If your child or parent died, would you be able to just say,"why not just let it go?" If a person belongs to a support group, would you wonder why they couldn't just forget about their past???

  • Satanus

    You know that there are sites a bit like this for vietnam vets and gulf war one vets. They were through wars. For many here, the wt experience has left similar traumas that a war would leave. It's called post traumatic stress disorders. Remember that the wt continously tells it's people that they are involved in a war, they can't afford to lead a normal life, they must sacrifice normal desires to do nonnormal things like door to door sales, give public talks, face persecution, forgo marriage, having a family. Neuro linguistic programming knowledge tells us that trains of thought like this convince the mind that it really is in the midst of war, whether it's true, or not.


  • LB

    We are all survivors here and like survivors of anything we tend to group together. It's healthy. As far as the bashing goes I think I've slowed way down. I don't feel the constant anger I once did. In fact it seldom shows up.

    Some have a need to talk about events. Others have a need to listen. It's all good.

  • Brummie
    Why Not Just Let It Go?

    Its a very deep scar ikhandi, unfortunately it takes a long time to heal, there's not a magic pill we can take that will emmediately restore our families and erase our past...you understand right?

    just out of interest, why havent YOU just let it go? Why are you here and registered? Are you in the process of letting it go? If so then there is the answer to your question, we are all in the process. It takes longer for some than it does for others.

    Glad your here


  • blackout

    Personally I have not been here that long, but I can see why a person would be. Especially if we have loved ones(another JW term) in the org. still. I am here to 'make sure of all things' and I am finding that the longer I am here reading, the more my mind is freed from the trap of belief it was in.

    Do you know belief is not truth?

    Now I can see both sides of the story, I can see why I believed I had the 'Truth', how it was fed to me and I can see a lot of things I still need to learn.

    I also feel a lot better for talking of my past (thanks minimus) and for sometimes 'having a go' at the witnesses. (Like my memorial story).

    So sue me. LOL

  • avishai

    Well, yeah, that'd be really, really nice. Especially after me and/or people in my immediate family have been assaulted, raped, molested, & stolen from to the tune of a few hundred thousand dollars, & had houses likely burned by people in the jws. Also had inheritances from non-jw great grand parents stolen by jw grand parents while still a jw. I personally have been beaten senseless by more than one jw & been told too "Let it go, jehovah will take care of it". This is the attitude that is precisely the prob. inside the jw's.

    Let it go, he says. Let the kids inside get raped over & over, cause, well, hell, i'm out, that's there problem now.

    I'm sorry, I personally think it's ok to be angry about these issues, I personally think it's ok to go after the bastards that do these things. I know we were'nt taught much of a social conscience inside, but if you wanna play the old "Jehovah & his son Jesus" card, Go read your bible. The parable of the good samaritan is not about "spiritual food" as the jw's would have you believe. It's about real food, real care, & following that is what matters if you are a christian, buddy, not sitting on your ass in front of a computer loftily telling others to "Get over it!" Have you had any of the above experiences happen to you at their hands? Do you know of any children who were/are abused inside? If you were a publisher, you are legally bound to tell the proper authorities in most states. If you have'nt been thru any of the above, I envy you. But dont come on here telling others to just Let it go, pal

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