Why Not Just Let It Go?

by ikhandi 74 Replies latest jw friends

  • garybuss

    JWs as a group are decent people

    I was at the circuit assembly. All three hundred of these decent people stuck their noses in the air and walked right past me without so much as looking at me, let alone speaking.

  • minimus

    Gary, decent people don't look at indecency.

  • blackout

    Scooby I think we get annoyed because you never answer a question straight. You are continually sarcastic, inconsitant and avoid questions.

    Tell us what You do believe in???

  • garybuss

    Min wrote:

    Gary, decent people don't look at indecency.

    Hahahaha I guess you are right. Thanks for reminding me:-)

    gary (of the indecent class)

  • Scully


    Look at it this way: If you've had cancer, and have survived, and have achieved the 5-year or 10-year cancer-free mark, are you no longer a survivor of cancer?? Will you ever forget the pain and suffering you endured because of cancer?? Will you never not worry that it might come back to get you again someday?? Will you never not worry that your children or other loved ones may end up with cancer (you know the risk increases exponentially for close relatives)??

    That's how a lot of us feel about leaving the JWs. It's our life, it belongs to us and our existence, it shaped who we are in many ways. You have no right to insensitively demand that anyone "just let it go".

    Love, Scully

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