What's the craziest thing someone INFORMED on you about?

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  • ShirleyW

    apostrate - What about you confronting the wife about going thru your things? Did that happen?

  • apostrate


    Oh, absolutely! That's really the fuel that was added to the fire! She claimed that she had the right to go through my things if they were in her house. And my friend sided with her, naturally.

    It's really a long story, but while I never got called on before the elders, she obviously went and told others in the Hall that I was a pervert. Remember, before the other "sister" insinuated that I was a pervert, she initially was showing the pictures of me in a dress because it was funny.

    This was just another "nail in the coffin", so to speak, as regards my relationship with the WT Society. Within six months of this incident, I walked away from the Watchtower World and asked myself, "What the hell have I been thinking all these years???"

  • Dunedain

    I remember being "ratted" on by this self-righteous, crazy, pioneer sister. She was in my house to use the bathroom, since her and my Mom were working field service, and our house was in the territory. The door to my room was open, and she was passing by my room, and of course, snooping around, sticking her head inside my room. I had a "fantasy" game set up on the floor. It was kind of like a board game, but the "pieces" were medeival soldiers, dragons, orcs, and stuff like that.

    Well, the next meeting i was called in the back by the elders, and accused of "demon worship", and having Satanic "things". Just so you know, this was a board game you could buy in TOYS R US.

  • Dunedain

    Oh, i got another one. Onetime a few of us "brothers" went and played paintball. It was a days outing, we rented the paintball guns, and had fun shooting each other with paint. Somehow it got found out by the elders, and they were "appalled".

    We were all spoken to, and told how wrong and bad it was. They actually thought it was so bad, that a "local needs" talk needed to be given about it.

    The Elder who gave the talk, was all "fire and brimstone". Saying how it was "warlike", and "unchristian", and Jesus would have NEVER approved. The sheeple in the congregation, were audibally gasping at how horrible it was, and shaking their judgemental heads, back and forth.

    The "kicker" to all this, however, is that the Elder who gave that talk, WAS A HUNTER. He owned REAL guns, and hunted for sport, even having an animal trophy room in his home. Btw, we all lived in a borough of NYC, he didnt hunt out of "necessity", just for sport. I could care less about it, its his right, but dont judge 17 year old kids for playing with paintball guns. Do they really think that "alienating" us to the rest of the congregation, thru a talk from the platform, would draw us closer to the fold, IDIOTS.

  • Lieu
    It's kinda like living in Nazi Germany where if you didn't eat fish on Friday a neighbor would rat you out. Then the gestapo would show up to your house and question your loyalty.
  • Listener
    Interesting story Duunedain, regarding the elder hunter. It was my understanding that Jws taught killing animals for sport was wrong.
  • Dunedain
    @Listener - Exactly, this Elder had a trophy room in his house, with a taxidermied bear, geese, racoons, fox, pheasants, a ram, and all hunted by HIM, not bought. I saw this room personally, with my own eyes. Now dont get me wrong, perhaps many of those animals were hunted at different times in his life. I do beleive that recently he goes back and forth between being an Elder and not, but he is 100 PERCENT in GOOD standing in the "truth", right now, AND he is 100 PERCENT hunting for sport, RIGHT NOW in his life. I know this for a FACT, he has hunted on MY PROPERTY in UPSTATE NY, SHHHHHHH. HYPOCRITES.
  • smiddy

    My wife, xxxx, was up on the platform with another sister doing a demonstration for the M.S.

    As related to us by my wife`s friend an Elders wife , an elder who was sitting at the back of the hall turned to my wife`s friend and said " Sister xxxx is not wearing a bra., you can see her nipples through her clothes "

    At first we thought it funny he would say that , then we thought he must be saying that to others as well

    So I go and challenge him a few days later , he was adamant that my wife was up on the platform with no bra on , and it was disrespectful for someone to display herself that way, and I could not convince him otherwise.

    This was an Elder who was known to peer in bedroom windows of people he suspected of wrongdoing.

    You are probably thinking I`m exaggerating , I am not. He also claimed his wife had cancer and passed it out of her body on the toilet .He also said that she , unlike other females had her periods twice a month (she wasn`t stupid ) yet he was an Elder in good standing .

    Their was a time he was stood down as an elder , however he was reinstated again at a later date.

    I must admit he was very clever in using the bible to W.T.advantage even tying clergy up in knots once when I was witnessing with him

    I also came to know by experience he was a very manipulative man in getting his own way in the congregation.


  • apostrate

    Regarding hunting,

    Down here in Texas we gotta lotta JDubs who like to hunt. And if you wanna pull their string and get 'em all riled up, you just say somethin' to 'em to the effect that, "In the New System there ain't gonna be no huntin' and we're all gonna become vegetarians!"

    You'll see their faces turn red and then they'll go off on you tellin' you all about how in the Bible GOD gave us the right to kill animals and, by GOD, we're gonna still be eatin' meat in the New System!!!

    One "sister" shook her finger in my face when this subject was brought up and she told me, "When you've got five starvin' kids and you need to feed 'em, you'll change your mind about huntin'!"

    When I have five starvin' kids, I will go down to the local grocery store and buy them somethin' to eat! And it will cost me a lot less than the price of buying a shotgun, a hunting permit, and the cost of transportation to a deer lease way out in the sticks, where I will have to stay for hours on end waiting for a poor deer to stop by!

  • rebel8

    Wearing a pale red, knee-length pencil skirt with black businessy pumps and black pantyhose. I was told this made me look like a harlot and a bro complained. IIRC, Jezebel was mentioned to me in the back room. @ this point I was aware the elders were not inspired of a true god.

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