What's the craziest thing someone INFORMED on you about?

by Londo111 53 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Londo111
    Obviously, if he had the part of Darth Vader, nobody could take it seriously. :)
  • donny

    That I performed oral sex on my wife who had asked for it, but had an "attack of conscience" over the next couple of days and decided to inform the elders. They then approached me after the next Thursday School/Service meeting.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who
    I once got pulled into the back room for cutting my grass on a hot summer day without my shirt on. It was 25 some years ago when I first came into the borg. I use to be fairly fit (played organized sports as a teenager, and loved showing off my abs!) 4 pioneers sisters were doing my street and evidently saw me. I guess my 'half naked' appearance was too much for them to handle.
  • Londo111

    Donny: I informed on myself and my wife for a similar reason. It’s crazy looking back that I put my wife and myself through that. It is interesting the chapter of Crisis of Conscience that tackled that subject.

  • donny
    Yeah we were "mentally diseased" then. I still remember the feeling I had when they told me why I was called to the back room at the Hall.
  • DwainBowman

    My X monster, turned me in for being a drunk! I had drank a whole 6 pack over three week's. When i was asked into the back room, and told what she had to say, i started laughing so hard, and they are like saying, this is serious, and you need to take it that way, I laughed that much harder! When i calmed down, and told them, how I had drank a six pack over three weeks, they laughed pretty hard too!!!!!

    She turned me in for all kind of nonsense!


  • Crazyguy

    Our hall gets a new elder in charge whatever there called these days. This is when I was teenager. Anyway he had two boys about the same age as many of us. A few months go by and we decide to play football. Next day at meeting were all pulled in to a meeting by this head elder and he starts yelling at us and mostly me for swearing during this game. I guess one of his kids the youngest I believe turned us in. He was chewing into me the most but later stopped and started to chew in to another friend more when he found out this guy was older.

    What this pompice ass didn't realize was his oldest boy was the oldest of the group and not one of us started swearing until his kids were doing it. Later his oldest left the truff and became the first apostate I had ever known.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    I got some pioneers to wear party hats at xmas, in a purely ironic way of course. One of them who had said nothing and giggled whilst wearing the stupid paper hat shopped me.
  • Olivia Wilde
    Olivia Wilde
    In the spanish cong: I was at the beach with my child, I went on my own with with my child as many times before, wore a 2 piece bikini, i workout at the gym alot .... ran into some spanish bros there, their wives dressed like it was winter, it was 95 degress, must have said something to their elders husband's cuz them someone later told me that I was the caused of their husbands "committing adultry in their hearts"..... oh & the other non jws surf chicks in thong bikinis what??... oh woman with children can't wear bikinis I was told by an elder, it's not appropriate....!!! Stupid.... i replyed, i find it appropriate for the beach I guess if pple feel that way they shouldn't be at the beach or any where it hurts their conscious, sorry brother but my conscious is clear....
  • ssn587
    Was called back room once because had told a brother that 2Tim. 3:16 was referring to a bible guess he got incensed told the head Luke that I didn't believe in the Bible. When told why they wanted to talk with me I told the head pike and two other elder idiots that Paul didn't use the Bbke because the bible didn't get put together for hundreds of years after that then told them "how stupid can you get?" They were speechless and I just walked out of there told the wife what they wanted and to my surprise, she agreed they are stupid.

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