What's the craziest thing someone INFORMED on you about?

by Londo111 53 Replies latest jw experiences

  • vinman
    One elder would joke around with me all the time. He was a clown type. One day he made a remark to me that was humorous. The remark was about me. So in a joking manner, I pretended to choke him. He laughed. The next meeting, I was transported to the "back" room with two elders saying that this individual had reported me for physically attacking him. I was lost for words.
  • EndofMysteries

    - Used to go swing dancing back in the day, late 90's when I was a teen and some elder from another hall I didn't even know was calling around informing people I was bad association because I went out 'too much'.

    - When I was a kid, lived in one of the North Eastern states and for the first time, in my life at least, the whole congregation was having a cookout at a park and playing vball, etc. My mom was video taping a lot of it and calling it the "the xxxxxxx congregation picnic", this bitchy old elders wife blurts out, "ITS NOT A CONGREGATION PICNIC!!!! STOP SAYING THAT!!!" :my mom: "It's not?" (She's still recording btw so this is on tape) :crankly elders wife: (clears her throat to calm down) "no, the society said we can't call these congregation picnics so it's just a gathering"

  • Miss_Nk

    I'm in university in England with my younger sister and we go back home to Nigeria every year to see our family. We had our noses pierced a few months before we went back last year and after our first meeting at the local hall, an elder's wife came up to us and asked that we take it out as it could stumble younger ones in the hall who look up to us.

    We refused and asked her to mind her business as we weren't even a part of her hall. She went to report the matter to her husband who came by our house later that evening to talk to my parents about it. My mum went crazy and told him he had no right to single out her well-behaved children and to stay out of our business. He looked to my dad in surprise for support but got just silence. He apologised and went home. The next meeting day I changed my simple stud for an elaborate ring and got stares but no one was brave enough to say anything.

  • Miss_Nk
    Oh and when we came back, my teenage sister back at home said there was a rumour going around that we might be lesbians as we wore nose piercings and wore anklets

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