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  • xjw_b12

    Mr. Shakita....Got any music to go with the song ? ROFLMAO

    ozzie said :

    Seriously, it's been brought home to me on many occasions that you often don't realise the good effects you can have. Then later you find that you have had a very profound effect on someone's life.

    Here Here

    jst and joy. Share it all with us...the whole kit and kaboodle. Lookin forward to it

    " Millions Now Living Will Never Know "

  • flower

    (((((((Joy & Jst2)))))

    Isnt it great to be free to live life on your own terms and to make decisions for yourself? I feel bad for all the people still enslaved who will never know what freedom feels like.

    I hope you enjoyed the wine...your more than welcome.


  • pettygrudger

    ((Joy & Jst2)) - Well, I guess congratulations are in order, but more importantly - a warm and loving thanks for having gone public & making others aware, and at such a great "cost" to some extent. I'm sure its "bitter sweet" - and I applaud the both of you on how you've seem to come through this process with flying colors. Great testiment to both of you, and the wonderful people you are.

  • Englishman
    Consider yourselves celebrated,2 glasses where clinked in your direction tonight.

    Take care,


    Yes, we did just that. Joy and Steve, people still ask after you following your visit here, we liked you being around. Mike.

  • jst2laws

    Well, I am trying.

    Thanks for the encouragement Ozzie, Blondie, shakita, outnfree, Obiwan, xjw_b12, flower, pettygrudger and Englishman. I am trying to post the first part of the story but I fought with links all afternoon and then finally hit 'submit post'. It DISAPPEARED. I can't find it anywhere. It is called Jst2laws, Joy2bfree and the Scarlet Letter, or something like that.

    If any of you find it let me know. I would hate to double post like Joy did the other day.

    Jst2laws (Steve)

  • Mulan

    It's on the current main page. It takes a few hours I think, for it to show up.

  • waiting

    Jst.......better lay off the wine.

    Your post is on the first page - if you click onto Active topics. I posted to it - fine thread you got there.

    Enjoy the relief to have it over with, if nothing else. Now you can just flip off any elders who come in your way......they'll expect that from Apostates.

  • myself

    Congratulations! Freedom, what a beautiful feeling. I faded away after being re-instated. As far as I know I am not DA'd or DF'd (again) It wouldn't hurt my feelings if it were to happen with the one exception that I could lose contact with one of my family members. We finally worked through a lot of misunderstandings. I can say now that I live with a clean conscience, and hold no regrets on getting out.

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