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  • jst2laws

    I am sorry I did not have a chance until now to join in on this thread. I was moved to misty eyes reading all your 'congratulations' and greetings. So many people for whom I have special feelings. I want to greet and thank MerryMary, RAYZORBLADE, Pr_capone, nilfin, greven, xjw_b12, and ring for your thoughts. If we have not communicated in the past I look forward to getting to know you. As for scootergirl, Sam Beli, xenawarrior, Angharad, Englishman, latte, ozziepost, blondie, chester, termite 35, Mulan, Makena1, Swan, TruckerGB, LyinEyes, onacruse, ashitaka, SLOAN, Simon, Billygoat, TheStar (I know you well through Joy), we have met are spoken on the phone or at least communicated here, and I wish I could respond to each of your encouraging comments. I will start a new thread or two starting tomorrow on this new life and how we got here. It is really good to hear from you all and have images in my mind of meeting most of you, and the freedom to meet the rest soon. I often think back to the time many of the older posters exited the WT without this internet community to support them. We hope to continue to be here for others, although I have been rather absent lately with work. Thanks to all for your kind comments. Does anyone want to hear the whole story, the charges, the meetings, the good and the bad (no ugly)? Jst2laws

  • TruckerGB

    Consider yourselves celebrated,2 glasses where clinked in your direction tonight.

    Take care,


  • jst2laws

    Thanks TruckerGB,

    I have a mental image of the moment in your cozy little pub. We feel honored.


  • xenawarrior

    Jst2-- I want to hear the story !!!!! Please share it when you are ready and have the time !!

    Congrats again and enjoy your freedom !!!


  • jst2laws

    Hello xenawarrior

    Tomorrow will be a rainy Saturday. I plan to sleep in, but what better conditions to spend some time writing and posting. We will see what happens when we wake.


  • ozziepost
    Does anyone want to hear the whole story, the charges, the meetings, the good and the bad (no ugly)?

    Of course we do! [:D]

    Seriously, it's beem brought home to me on many occasions that you often don't realise the good effects you can have. Then later you find that you have had a very profound effect on someone's life.

    Just2, that's a good enough reason to post your story. When you're ready, of cvourse.

    Oh, there is another reason too...............we're busy-bodies!! (just kidding!)

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • blondie

    Please post just2 and joy2. You may be describing my future. Knowledge is power.


    (Tongue in cheek) Maybe in April we can tell how we LEFT the truth.

  • Shakita

    Joy + Jst2laws,

    It has been a pleasure getting to know you two. You have shown true love and kindness that the WT can't even dream about. When I was floundering after learning about the deception, I was boosted by talking to Jst2laws on the phone. His kindness, warmth, wisdom and love came through and provided me with the strength I needed to endure.

    Joy, I have been encouraged by your sense of humor, your caring, your kindness and your love. We are all blessed because we have had you come into our lives. I am thankful that I have come to know you. My life is richer as a result.

    Now, I have to clue you in on why you were disfellowshipped. You guys forgot to heil. Remember to get in the good graces of the WT, heils are imperative for continued good relations. You must repeat in a monotone, robotic voice, the WT heil of shame. It goes something like this: "Heil Wt, heil Freddie, heil Miltie and you'll be ready. Heil the elders, heil the toadies, if you don't, we'll kick you to the roadie. So, all you rank and file dummies, heil, heil, heil or we'll kick you in your bummies. And if at first you don't succeed, heil Hitler, if you have the need. Rah! Rah! Sisboombah! You have now mastered the heil song. Heil the Wt everyday, suspend your brain, throw it away. There it is, the heil song. Yay! Yay! Yay!

    Mr. Shakita

  • outnfree

    (Who knew Mr. Shakita was such a poet!???)

    ((((((((((((Joy and Jst))))))))))))))

    (Hey, can we use your real name now, Jst?)

    CONGRATULATIONS to two very sweet people who have already helped so many here and in their travels. It was a pleasure to see you attending the very events that likely made your loving brother elders "feel" you were apostates. But that's over and done and LIFE IS GOOD!

    Enjoy yourselves and hope to see you sooner rather than later. ;)



    Oh! and P.S. Yes, we want to hear the saga and yes, we are busybodies, if we're honest with ourselves, Mr. Ozzie - LOL

  • obiwan

    If you could see me know, you would see me doing the happy dance! Long live a full and happy life!

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