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  • Joyzabel

    Hey Rich! I hear your will be heading west soon! Whoohoo, enjoy those devious delightful Dallas apostates! Make sure you teach them how to drink a pint or too.

    ((((Dede)))) you are special to me! Thanks for your thoughts, they are always great to read. Looking forward to meeting you and Denny one day!

    Craig & Katie, <sigh, I always sigh thinking of you two and how you have found each other> Yeah, the weight that has lifted is great. We'll have to hook up this summer as we drive through your area.

    LOL @ Ashitaka: "saucy monkeys". You sure have a way with words and mental images.

    Sloan <clink> cheers back achya gal.


  • Mulan

    Blondie said this

    have our cards sent to a new congregation that we will not be attending.

    But...........it doesn't work that way. The secretary at the new cong., requests your cards, after you begin attending there. Good luck anyway.

  • Simon

    ((((Jst2laws & joy2bfree))))

    I know how rough it is 'at the time' when you're going through all this nonsense but we have felt free'er and happier since we left and were 'announced' than we ever did in all our years at the meetings.

    You leave with the knowledge that you took a stand for what is right ...

  • Joyzabel

    Thank you (((Simon))) <whew, he didn't notice I accidently double posted > sorry.

    I have to admit there is a bit of time that has taken place to actually "adjust", "deprogram" or whatever you want to call it, to truly feel free. But all I can encourage new ones lurking, is it is worth it. Sure the security of a box is hard to shed at first, but the freedom that comes is unbelievable.

    Thanks again everyone for your support.



  • Simon

    You double posted !!

    In that case ... I take it all back LOL

  • ring

    (((((joy and jst))))))

    wishing you both well on the freedom and happiness you both deserve

  • Billygoat

    (((((((Joy & Jst2)))))))

    We are so blessed to have met you. (Me meet you AGAIN!) And you are so blessed with this new freedom! The freedom is bitter-sweet sometimes. The sweet part is you have all of us. Haha! Wait...is that the sweet or the bitter? Nevermind...

    Toasting to your new freedom! *clink*

    Love you bunches,

    Andi & Neil

  • Joyzabel

    <hiding from Simon, still>

    Thanks ((Ring)) hope this has been a wonderful, snowmobiling winter for ya!

    ((((Billy & Mozzier)))) wow, to know we have come from similar backgrounds! and know some of the same poeple and then to find you here! (shame, shame,) opps, I don't do that anymore! sorry It has been great to meet you all grown up Billy and now your new husband. Please come visit when you can!


  • TheStar

    ((((((((((((((((((Joy & Jst2))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I'm so glad to see you are happy!!!

    I know you still have your family in and though freedom is sweet it still has to be tough.

    I think of you often and always wish you happiness, both of you hold a special place in my heart. I hope we get to meet someday soon.

    Congratulations!! You're free for life, enjoy it fully.

    Maybe I should hurry up and get myself df'd so that I can fully enjoy Freedom too.

    and many hugs!


  • Joyzabel

    LOL @ The Star.....freedom is not whether we are df'd da'd or whatever. It is not having anyone control us or have any influence over us! So forget the status of whatever and enjoy being you.



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