The Left And Islam

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    love uni: you MUST serve in our army

    This is according to Talesin's close friend, the Canadian-Jew ...

  • Mephis
    Kind of confused by some of the premises being thrown around. Just don't see the world in such stark black/white terms. One can be pro-civil liberties (which gay rights is) without being to the left on economics. And one can be to the left on economics and deny everyone their civil liberties. It's not a contradiction to argue for civil liberties regardless of colour, creed or even sexuality. It's actually profoundly logical over the position of "We believe in constitutional rights, providing you're a white christian heterosexual man".
  • macys

    Hey Bangalore I like TOTALLY agree with that statement!

    I was always "left" or whatever you want to call on many, many issues now but have shifted to the right middle right on more topics than before. Maybe my boyfriend is having an influence on me. Maybe it is my maturity. idk really. Well whateva. All I know is that there are two issues very close to my heart right now and on both I agree with the "right" and we can not continue down the same path we are going on. We can not!

    Hey parkave Boy welcome to the board in case I forgot to welcome you! Read my bio! I think we have a lot in common! Send me a pm if you feel like talking about your story.

    Just wanted to tell ya that video was really upsetting to me. This topic is very close to my heart (read my posts about the Paris attacks you will know what I mean) and I am no longer supporting the Democratic party for this very reason. How can they openly support and defend letting millions of people from a religious background that HATES HATES HATES our sexual preferences into our country and expect them to fit right in nice and cozy????? WTF?! Paris, Cali, Cologne??? What is next? My BFF who lives in Hamburg said that what happened in Cologne also happened in the Hamburg train station on NYE but to a smaller extent and that she is frightened to walk alone at night now. Only a few years ago she said it was a different feeling. She said EVERYONE is talking about it and what to do about it.

    Hey memphis I agree. Someone like me is very "left" on social issues like gay rights but I am very "right" on other issues. But we need to rethink the direction of this country.

  • kaik

    In school in Europe we were taught in six political spectra:

    1. Liberal-left (Green parties)
    2. Liberal-right (Social liberals)
    3. Conservative-Left (Social Democrats)
    4. Conservative-Right (Christian & Catholic parties)
    5. Extreme Left (Communists)
    6. Extreme Right (Fascists)

    This model does not work in USA where Democrats would be considered conservative right in Europe and Republicans as an extreme right. However, it describes system in many countries in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, and probably more. Nonetheless,political parties often shift and create a coalition but with the exception of extreme parties, they tend to move to the center. Some parties shift their position as did Democrats and Republicans in the past 150 years. Catholic parties were originally traditionalist, but cared for social issues, education, and vocal opponent of banking cartels in the 19th century to become one the most conservative element in Central Europe with a catastrophic outcome later in WWII as Clerical fascism (Tiso Slovakia and Ustache Croatia). Either way, political system is not set in stone and continues to develop based on the social, economic, and demographic condition in the country.

  • Bangalore

    'They touched us everywhere'. Victims of mass sex assault in Cologne describe ordeal


  • park ave boy
    park ave boy

    Another email chain I was sent this morning. Damn I'll never get any work done. I'm all choked up over this shit.

    Sweden: Eritrean Welfare migrant cuts throat of host family’s 7-year-old daughter over rent.

    “A seven year old girl was stabbed to death in an apartment in Upplands-Bro in northern Stockholm on 25 July this year by a 36 year old man, Daniel Gebru. Ten months earlier Gebru arrived as a welfare of migrant from Eritrea to Sweden."

    According to the email chain "the media has been attempting to cover over the trial and all evidence with only minimal reporting. Originally the media refused to report the crime as they did with the IKEA stabbings but eventually the news leaked from the migrant centre of registration which he then later fled, and a conservative journalist picked up on the story. The 36 year old Eritrean man went missing from the migrant centre shortly after registering as a refugee and lived with a Swedish family until they told him to leave for not paying allotted rent. He then returned and killed the daughter in the bathroom."

  • mana11
  • kaik

    Originally the media refused to report the crime

    This the same issue had happened with the mass sexual harassments now reported in dozen German (Koln, Hamburg,Hannover,..) and Austrian cities (Salzburg and Vienna). The news from this event were already available on January 1 due extensive reporting on social websites. International news picked up the day after. It was after the global knowledge of the event, when German decided to report the events on their media. And still there is a push to minimize the attacks and even blame women. Mayor of Koln has not shame. What will happen when warmer days arrive and German women are not dressed warmly? Will it became a norm as it happened in Sweden?

  • prologos

    Originally the media refused to report the crime yeah it was like back to the WW2 days in Germany,when you had to listen to BBC to know what really went on and risk prison. As a boy I was used as a courier to deliver hand-built superhet radios that brought in BBC unlike the Volksempfaenger. They were traded for hams, hence the title Ham radios-not. Shame on the lot to sacrifice their young ladies to these invaders. If they are ever caught, and in court, Merkel should be indicted as a co-defendant. The callous disregard of the politicians for their own population and the media cover-up is stunning, even then it is not a question of punishment, but merely deportation, or beherps withholding of their welfare income? deportation to come across the border again?

    sacrifice their young ladies, like biblical Lot's false sense of hospitality. is this what orientals expect of their hosts?

  • macys
    Hi Kaik I have a lot of family in Sweden and Germany and they whatsapp me everyday with all kinds of things going on over there but that is almost never on the mainstream TV. What they do is wait until it goes viral on Facebook or Instagram and then they will squeeze it in the news for like 30 seconds as if it is not important at all. Downplaying is getting really scary. My aunt who lived though the DDR in east Germany said it feels like the way they controlled the media and everything was edited for the public to portray what the gov wanted you to see. Not the truth. Sounds like the JDub cult! Sanitized history. Sanitized brains. Sanitized faith. That is what I see now.

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