The Left And Islam

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  • prologos
    To be specific, this picture is a massive deployment of police against a demonstration of people that basically want protection against assaults perpetrated against hundreds of woman that night. The state has power, but not to protect its citizen. It was also revealed, that nationwide the police is under orders not to report any crimes by "refugees" to the media. Even in Canada, headlines were about Merkel's reaction, rather giving the details of the acts by these new arrivals. Even animals know how to protect their females and young. Germans are too trusting, and then often overreact in response. There was a way to help the victims of war, and bringing this element into your country was not one of them.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    I've just been catching up on the events in Cologne.

    One thousand criminals of mainly Arab and North African appearance molesting, raping and disturbing the peace. I suppose their ethnicity and culture was sheer chance - it could have been 1000 ethnic Germans on the rampage, right? Bollocks.

    Aside from a few articles either blaming men in general or tentatively suggesting it's ok to ask awkward questions, the 'let em all in' crowd have been quite quiet.

    If Angela Merkel had a shred of decency she would apologize for forcing mass immigration onto the German people. I doubt she'll say sorry - that's just not how the Left roll ...

  • kaik

    The state has power, but not to protect its citizen.

    The power of the state is derived from the citizens. It seems that German state is incapable to protects its citizens, but also is willing to suppress its citizenry. The suppression of the demonstrations became German's international embarrassment and causes as a rift between EU members countries. Hosing down demonstrators will not scare nor end enraged citizens. Pegida is organizing demonstrations for months, so they will not be stopped by this incident. The next move for Merkel's democracy would be total suppression of the opposition, and starting with mass arrests of Germans citizens. I wonder if this will be move from water cannons to armored vehicles by summer and declaration of some kind of state of emergency.

  • Bangalore


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