The Left And Islam

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  • talesin
    Last time Europe had really any chance was in the 1990's benefiting from the end of the Cold War, but Islamization of Europe put the end of it.

    I have to disagree, that it was the Stock Market Crash, wasn't that 2009 or thereabouts? Greece and its debts? Etc. I do recall that in 2010 Iceland told the World Bank to stuff it, overturned their own government, and issued warrants for the arrest of their own bankers. And theirs is the economy that is doing the best, is it not?


    To the OP, I really think the "Left" is confusing Religion with being Brown - that's just my 2 - the 'average Joe' fears that taking a stance against militant Muslim acts will turn into another race war - isn't that what happened in Europe already? I have friends who were casualties of that war (Bosnian vs Serbian). That was a Caucasian war - no brown people involved.

    I agree that being moderate, liberal, does not necessitate endorsing yet another hateful, destructive religion that is bent on world domination.

  • talesin

    Oh, I have a friend who escaped from another "lovely" Muslim country - it's called Albania.

    Yes, she escaped and has the bullet wound scar to prove it on her calf. She literally ran through the woods, escaping border guards, to flee an arranged marriage. What an amazing person she is!

    Drita, love you woman! xo

  • kaik


    I meant that 1990's where good years in Europe which was a lost chance. The Cold War has ended, Berlin Wall was gone, communism was morally and intellectually bankrupted, and Islamist terrorism was not known as a global phenomenon. All these chances to make world better was lost in that decade. European institutions did not create stability, but instead they are moving from one crisis to another. If there was no Greek crisis, than there is a war in Ukraine, disintegration of Schengen, mass unemployment, bankrupted countries. Islamization put the final nail into European dream and it will only make things worse (poor economic performance + inefficient government). Majority of EU countries still operate below its 2008 peak. Entire decade was lost. Future generation(s) will look into years starting from 2005 onward as one big disaster.

  • barry

    Village Idiot, There is a moderate Christianity because the thinking is that The Law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ that we may be justified by faith' Not in the old way of a written law but in the new way of the spirit'.

    Islam doesn't have that its the violent Medina verses that are taken as authority over the more peaceful Mecca verses.

    I can't comment of the Jewish theology but I find the Jewish state a beacon of democracy in the middle of hell.

  • talesin

    Yes, kaik, it all leads one into the other ........... very sad. Just the whole 20th century, to me. I had more hope for this century. Perhaps not in my time, but things *must* change. Globally.

    barry , democracy. hmm - debatable imo, but I see why you would think that.

  • coalize
    kaik : More power to the Left only will signify deep economic, cultural, and political decline of European states

    Since 50 years, we are, in Europe, under clearly right conservative power. And we are in deep economic, cultural and political decline.

    But I agree, that Left won't do better! But they won't do worse neither.

  • coalize

    And I think we can't forget in the analysis of the mass migration phenomenom and islamization of europe the correlation between this fact and the mess American put since 1979 in their countries...

    And we don't must to forget too the british and french colonization... sort of backlash...

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I really think the "Left" is confusing Religion with being Brown - that's just my 2 - the 'average Joe' fears that taking a stance against militant Muslim acts will turn into another race war

    You may be correct. And if you are, what an amazing insight into how the Left views ordinary people! That we are one terrorist attack away from violent rioting and attacking 'brown' people. Of course, what the Left brushes under the carpet is the thoughts and feelings of black and brown people re the worst aspects of Islam.

    Again, this is something about the Left that I don't fully get.

    Once more, the Left's support of gays and Muslims, without batting an eyelid at the treatment of gays within the Muslim world, seems to show a serious lack of joined-up, sensible thinking.

    All these trendy liberal-Left tosspots do themselves no favours whatsoever ...

  • LoveUniHateExams


    I totally agree with your comments re Israel.

    Israel has many faults, does many things wrong, and should be called out on those bad things. But it really is a beacon of democracy among Arab lunatics.

    Tel Aviv has an annual Gay Pride event. We'll be waiting a hell of a long time for Cairo, Mecca, Gaza City to follow suit. Israel has religious freedom and freedom from religion (it's ok to be atheist in Israel). Again, we'd be waiting in vain for surrounding Arab countries to allow the same freedoms. Israel also has regular general elections. And the surrounding countries do not.

  • park ave boy
    park ave boy
    You know it is very sad but also very true what you posted. Over the past few years I have been fading away from leftist politics to more center-right, attempting to find balance for this very reason. The hypocrisy I have seen from so many leftist politicians I have supported myself over the years tears me up and I cannot do it anymore.

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