The Left And Islam

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  • kaik
    In former eastern block, the division between left and right is far more complicated. While communist party and its posthumous transformations are easy to identifiable, the right parties are hard to identify. In last ten years, Hungary came with name neofeudalism to identify the political system that was forming after 1989. It is not a system with left and right parties, but society dominated by oligarchy like medieval magnates and masses of poor people left to fend for themselves.
  • talesin
    More, the far-left is "anti-libérale" and mainly "anti-capitaliste".
    Personnally, i'm still very close of these positions.I'm still deeply internationalist, third-worldist and anticapitalist

    Here in Canada. I would think 'socialist' When i think of France, I think 'socialist republic', and I like. To me, even further left, anarchist. .

    "Left' in North America has a stronger connotation towards liberal social issues like abortion and rights of LGBT.

  • park ave boy
    park ave boy

    This news should be disturbing to everyone, but especially to those who have forced open the doors to uncontrolled immigration from Muslim and African countries into Europe and the US. You are responsible.

    "Muslim Immigrant Gang Assaults Over 80 Women on New Years in Cologne, Germany."

    But the story get's stranger. The leftist Mayor of Cologne is blaming the women for being attacked! She says, "women should have code of conduct to prevent future assault." Wait minute. What does this mean? Suddenly the citizens of Germany have to prepare to defend themselves from these invaders? What is next? No more gay pride parades because it might offend the Muslims? This is the real ass kicker and any Germans reading this should be infuriated and disgusted by this Mayor!

    "Women should have a code of conduct to prevent future assault"

    This is the very reason I am parting with the left. I can no longer take such clear hypocrisy. For example, I wonder what this Mayor would say about anyone who said women should not be allowed to drive, vote, get an education and are the property of men? We all know the answer. But yet here this Mayor is going to turn the story around and blame the women and cover up the same religion that promotes all of those things I just mentioned. That is a shame. A damn rotten shame.

  • park ave boy
    park ave boy

    And for anyone who wanted some first hand experience, here a video a friend emailed me a few minutes ago. Incredible. And the cover up by the media is what really has my blood boiling.

  • cofty

    I have just been hearing about these events in Cologne today. Shocking!

    Mass immigration from a different culture with different values and ethics will always end in tears.

  • prologos
    These assaults on girls and woman also happen on their trek to to the north. The irony is, when it happens to muslim females, they then are hunted down by their families, beaten and killed for having "dishonoured the family." honour killings happened even in Canada. The german police has to hire more people from these countries and take language lessons to solve or better prevent the chronic happenings. The intergation of germany into the that kind of a world is well on it's way.
  • talesin
    All these trendy liberal-Left tosspots do themselves no favours whatsoever ...

    Yes! You've hit the nail on the head. This is the media's latest "trend for the left" - this is a false, blanket statement that does NOT express the views of the majority.

    Israel has many faults, does many things wrong, and should be called out on those bad things. But it really is a beacon of democracy among Arab lunatics.

    Au contraire, in my experience. Israel is ruled by the military - a democracy? ahahahaha! Let's talk turkey. I have a very close friend who visited Israel as a 20-something - the moment he passed through immigration, he was conscripted - you are a Jew? you are visiting here? you MUST serve in our army! Yeah, he was shot doing border patrol ... just another Canadian Orthodox Jew that wanted to visit the 'homeland'. There is much about Israel that is just wrong. The world needs to know. No black and white here - many shades of grey, I admit.

    tal xx

  • bohm
    Shocking if the events in cologne are going to be a re-occuring thing. If the mayor in indeed being translated/quoted correctly it is the most awful example of victim blaming I have ever seen by a person in power!. I consider myself to belong to the left, but it is as if a segment of the left has decided to go completely teaparty-level bonkers.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Well, Israel approaches Western democracy in a way that surrounding Arab countries (with the possible exception of Lebanon) do not. The Knesset is elected every 4 years, guaranteed. Meanwhile in Gaza, Hamas was elected in 2006 and then promptly threw opposing politicians to their deaths from tall buildings. There hasn't been an election since. I guess that's just how Arabs roll, y'all. Am I racist for pointing out this uncomfortable fact?

    As previously mentioned, Tel Aviv has an annual Gay Pride event. What about Gaza City, Mecca, Cairo or Damascus? Would someone like to tell me why these cities are so homophobic?

    There is much about Israel that is just wrong - agreed. And the surrounding countries are even wronger - so much so that Barry could reasonably describe Israel as a beacon of democracy and get away with it. Of course Israel is far from perfect and has serious faults but it approaches that democratic ideal. Just out of interest, Talesin, would you rather live in Israel or an Arab country? TBH, the only thing that would stop me from either visiting or living in Israel is the threat from Islamist nutters.

    you MUST serve in our army! - agreed, this is not good but do you think there might be a reason for this? Something about Arab people wanting to wipe Israel off the map, hmmm? Waddya think?

  • bohm

    love uni: you MUST serve in our army

    This is not true, if you are an orthodox Jew you do not have to.

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