Boyfriend force me to study the bible or no marriage

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  • dubstepped
    He is just acting like a victim, that people in this forum are just haters that are not strong enough to be a jw help byb Jehovah.

    He has been brainwashed to think that way. I once thought that way, we all probably did. The cult brainwashed us to see anyone that walked away from the cult as "mentally diseased apostates". Those were their actual words. By labeling us as such they preemptively discredit anything we say without having to think about anything or learn anything new. They can just sit in their comfortable brainwashing without ever making any changes.

    By the way, if he wants to compare credentials within the cult that he was kicked out of by disfellowshipping I'll put mine up against his. Many here were elders, ministerial servants, pioneers, etc. And if Jehovah couldn't help us be faithful servants, then how weak must Jehovah be? His arguments are weak and his controlling nature is strong.

    Jehovah's Witnesses shun people and then blame them for being shunned. JWs ALWAYS play the victim, they have been taught to. They are the victims of this evil world as they see it. Any questioning of them is seen as "persecution", yet they try to push people to question their beliefs so as to become JWs. Their organization is toxic and very sick and you should stay far away or they can make you toxic and sick too. You're seeing some of the symptoms in dealing with this man.

    You are right, it is very sad. I'm truly sorry for your loss, and I know it hurts, but it is for the best. You are dodging a bullet here.

  • zeb

    He has so many issues he is carrying; ask him to go to counselling and see what his response is;

    and you will be a trophy for him to bandy about the cong and there will be others in said cong who will treat you as a freak. He has unhealthy motives.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I will be a bit harsh. In Islam, many many many many men treat the women as secondary citizens. Often, in America, if I see a Muslim woman driving a nice car, it is because her husband's SON is in the car. No son, then she drives a not-so-nice car. It sounds like you are going to wind up with a non-Muslim who treats you the same way many many many many Muslim men treat the women.

    You can do so much better. I don't care for the Bible or the Koran, Christianity or Islam. But your boyfriend definitely wants to dictate Christianity to you. All that would make him happy is for you to renounce your faith and become a Witness and raise children according to the Witnesses ways. Nothing short of that.

  • JaniceA

    This guy is not a good match for you or likely anyone right now. He is manipulating and mean. Your family might well accept your choice of husband-but his will not accept you if you show interest and then reject their faith.

    Do you have family? With a good education, I encourage you to stay in a community that you are familiar with. You will get more respect in a respectable Muslim family that JW family. JWs would discourage your children from education.

    Where are you from?

  • ShirleyW

    Run, run, run. You're not too happy being forced to study the Bible, just imagine if you marry him.

    Cut him loose, let him go.

  • garyneal
    This is exactly what I say to myself. But it's hard because I really feel that this hurts him too.. We love each other and I pray God to make my boyfriend opens his eyes about this extrem religion..

    Don't count on it. I have been trying to open my wife's eyes for the past 14 years. It took her having an affair, getting disfellowshipped for it, and shunned before she even remotely began to see the extremism of this religion. Even then, though, I think she will eventually go grovelling back just to start talking to her family.

    I join the chorus and recommend running from this man.

  • MuslimWoman

    Thank you every body!

    He broke up, and I will try to not go back to him. Extremism in any religion is dangerous and unhealthy.

    I'm pretty independant that's what made me refuse to do what he was asking me to do. Islam saved me too because God told us to be smart and educate ourselves, and see that he won't even look at anything because he already found the truth is just crazy.

    I told him he was their little b**ch. :(

    I got a Bachelor's Degree and I don't need him to do anything weither it is in France or the US.

    I'm just shocked how blind he is. He just threw me away like we lived nothing together..

    I guess it's life and I thank God for protecting me and make me avoid a life with a controlling and extrem man.


  • Vanderhoven7

    The Bible study is only the first requirement your boyfriend will demand of you as a condition of marriage.

    Saying goodbye to Muhammad is next.

  • MuslimWoman

    Yes.. And it's crazy because I told him this condition f studying the bible before getting married is not in the Bible!

    So I can't just listen to him and just obey and do something that God didn't write in the Bible!

    Ugh I feel really stupid and sad at the sam time..

  • dubstepped

    Now you have some inkling of how we all feel when we are thrown away by our mothers and fathers and siblings and friends and sometimes spouses in the name of Jehovah. Thrown away like common trash as if nothing real was ever there.

    Let's review.... it's a cult!!!

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