Boyfriend force me to study the bible or no marriage

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  • MuslimWoman

    Thank you guys..

    What was annoying wasn't to study the Bible, I am glad to study this holy scripture, as a muslim you HAVE TO believe that the Bible is God's word. What was annoying is that he didn't want to do the same thing he is asking me (study the Quran).

    We got back together, he agreed to look up some info about my faith (Islam) if I study the Bible.

    I know you'll probably think I'm stupid and I can understand that :/

    Anyway for now I won't study anything and I'll see..

  • carla

    "... he agreed to look up some info about my faith (Islam) if I study the Bible"- just a warning from personal experience; I tried making a similar deal with my jw once, study non jw Bibles etc... and a jw will insist you study what they want first and never actually get around to studying what you want. If you end up with some sort of deal make sure you go first with your info or it will never happen.

    You are aware that jw's are taught to lie right? See the Aid book for that. They call it theocratic warfare or something along those lines, not sure what if the current lingo has changed within the cult.

    I really hope you research all the heartache that is associated with being in relationship with a jw and their extended family before you continue this. The ex jw boards are filled with heartache, deaths/suicides, ptsd, emotional, spiritual and physical abuses. Please take care of yourself and proceed with caution if you are unwilling to let this man go.

  • MuslimWoman

    Thank you..

    I am just hopping he stays disfellowshipped but yea I guess he will never try to learn more about my faith.

    I want to do the bible study and at the same time I don't want.. I can't stand this cult anymore, but at the same time he is just trying to do good and be closer to God. So when I told him about what happen in this cult he says that we can't put every jehovah's witness in the same category and that every jehova's witness don't do bad things..

    He is right but it's crazy how he always find excuses for this group. I am a muslim and I know there is bad muslim and extremist and we have to fight against them.. But for him nope the Jehovah's witnesses have always a good reason and he love them and they are just victim's. Ugh I just can't stand this stupid group anymore. I don't want to be hateful but it's crazy that people are that stupid..

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