Fatties won't pony up cash for two seats

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  • Shakita


    I want to apologize for anything I might have said in my post that could have hurt you. I really didn't intend it that way. I really enjoy your presence here and would miss you if you would leave.


    You mean this beer?

    Mrs. Shakita

  • enjoy

    Got a question...I am 6'2" weigh 230.. chest 52" I am not a fatty but I do not fit well in a airlplane seat. Is that my fault that they make these for people 5' and weigh 100 pounds... Kinda like going to Walmart and buying shirts that are XL and they may be XL for a 100 pound person but not for a normal man. People are taller, and bigger that they use to be and the airlines and fashion world is not keeping up. Someone said that the seats are 17 1/2" inches so if your chest is over 40" plus you will be hanging over in somebody elses space... OH WELL!!!!! Buy the way I usually set on an ailse seat so I can hang out in the aisle....

  • crownboy

    *pulls of SixOfNine's weave*

    If you take up the space of two seats, you should pay for them, plain and simple. Whether your weight is the result of bad eating habits or something else, you're still taking up two seats, and/ or severely pissing off the person next to you by invading a significant amount of their space (I've been a victim of that).

    Does it suck that some are fat inspite of trying hard not to be? Of course it is, but it's not the fault of the airlines that this is so.

  • Trauma_Hound

    I will crush you girly man.

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