Fatties won't pony up cash for two seats

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  • riz

    i'm not keen on the idea of sharing my seat with someone's spillage either, but saying that fat people stink and should just stay home is just plain mean, lucy.

  • OrbitingTheSun
    Fat people stink in more than one way. They need to just stay home.

    That was out of line. Regardless of how you perceive fat people,
    or any other group of people, it is rude to say things like that.

  • seven006

    Saying fat people stink and should just stay home is like saying ignorant people are morons and should just shut up.

    Not all over weight people are they way because they have no self control and eat too much, but a few are.

    Not all ignorant people are that way because they are simple mined, short sited, clueless, uneducated imbeciles, but some are.


  • Xander

    go through hell to lose it

    It's easy.


    You just don't eat as much.

    because they have no self control and eat too much

    Well, actually, yes they are.

    Sure, there may be some genetic or cultural influence to make them eat too much.

    But saying it's okay is like condoning alcoholism.

    It doesn't matter WHY the person is an alcoholic/tub of lard. It's still wrong.

    (And no, I don't but into the media perception of every women as a size 2 or something. However, fat IS wrong - it's a proven health hazard, inconveniences others, and burdens society as a whole.)


    the air companies make a bomb in money

    mmmm....not so much. You know how much aviation fuel an airliner burns? And what it costs? And that's not counting maintenance costs, pilot pay, foods, entertainment, etc.

    If it was such a booming industry, why do you think almost ALL airlines are just barely hanging on, with every other one going out of business on a fairly regular basis?

  • Prisca
    Fat people stink in more than one way. They need to just stay home

    I would love to be as perfect as LuckyLucy and Francois

    I agree that if a person is so big that they require a second seat, then yes, they should pay for it.

    But some people can't help being overweight, and to say that they should "just go on a diet" shows extreme ignorance of how the human body functions.

  • Xander

    Actually, not really.

    Your body needs certain amount of given vitamins, minerals, etc. in a day. If all you eat is what you need to, keep a balanced diet, and exercise (gods forbid - EXERCISE) daily - you don't get hideously fat.

    It's not that difficult.

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  • Prisca

    Xander, I agree that what you propose is the ideal way to stay thin, but we do not live in an ideal world, and there are factors that cause a person to overeat that interfere with the normal process.

    I know as a thin person you don't understand how a person becomes overweight, but as a person who has battled with the bulge since I was 5, I can assure you that there are more factors that cause a person to become and stay overweight than just food.

    (and yes, I can fit into one airline seat without spillage )

  • SixofNine

    *smashes chair over Ashi's head*


    I'm with DAVE on this one!!! Definitely.

    Overweight people should pay for however many seats they take up though.


    If your bum takes up two seats,pay for them...OUTLAW

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